Year 2: Post 17: Party At The Richmonds!

Hey Queendalers! If you guessed “stereo” you got it! Just in time for the party post! It was an interesting night and you will not believe the stunt that Angel pulled…


So by the time I slipped in, the party was in full swing. Music was blaring, people were dancing around, and some standing and chatting. Well, most standing and chatting.


Angel was doing her best to get her flirt on with Adam. I know, that girl never gives up. She brought him a drink (no not spiked) and tried to get him into a conversation about prom. I mean, what? Is the girl stupid? It’s obvious that he is going to say he wants to take Maria! And also, isn’t Angel supposed to be back with Paul again? I’m telling you, this girl is all over the place!


I wasn’t too surprised to see Claire there since I figured she would crash the party, but I was surprised to see Kara. But then again, it was Evanglina they hated not her, soooo, maybe Angel didn’t mind?


Kara didn’t stay very long though. I noticed her trying to get closer to Paul who was chatting with Charlotte.


But when Paul said something to Charlotte about asking Angel to the Prom, Kara just stopped. She then seemed to disappear over the course of the night. Now that is a hard thing to deal with. No one wants to find out the guy they have been crushing on, wants someone else.


Speaking of Evanglina, I saw her slip in at the last minute. She then tiptoed up the stairs to the third floor. Curious, I hurried after her to see what she was up to.



There on the deck of the third floor, Derek had light up a disco ball light and turned on the radio to a station playing soft music for them to dance to. He then pulled Evanglina to him and then they slowed danced to the beat. Ugh! Derek and his rom-com behavior. It almost makes me want to slap him. No men like this exist anymore! All we’ve got is chauvinistic pigs! (Sorry, rant over)


Speaking of which, that brings me to what happened. So Claude had showed up and also invited Emilie, something Angel was furious about. He and Emilie were busy chatting it up, when Angel, wearing a big grin, walked up and interrupted. She then proceeded to tell Emilie that she was not wanted there because she didn’t allow obsessive stalkers at her party.


Emilie did not take very kindly to this.

“What are you talking about Angel?” She said. “Sometimes I think you just make this stuff up.”

“Oh, I can assure you it is not made up. I have it right from the source. Stalker.”

“Angel, knock it off!”

“Why? Scared everyone will know your little secret? You’re not as innocent as you want everyone to think.”


Angel, what are you-”

“Do you remember when you and Claude were studying at the library? Well, you were in such a hurry to take your slutty self off with Claude that you left behind something crucial. Your mini notepad.”


Angel smirked. “You know, the little one you keep all your Claude love poems in?”

Ah! I had a feeling that notepad would come into play eventually.


Now, for the first time, Emilie starts to look nervous. Really nervous. “W-what?” she says.

“Yah, I’ll bet you’ve been wondering where it is. Well, it is right here in my pocket. Shall I?”

She then starts reading all off Emilie’s poems, and I mean ALL OF THEM.


She reads each one in an extremely mocking tone and soon everyone at the party is listening and laughing.

“Your eyes are as blue as the clear blue sky and your skin as tan as the sandy beaches. Your smile fills my body with warmth, your voice tickles me down to the inners of my soul.”

Emilie’s cheeks are reddening and Claire, who is standing just behind Angel, is snickering pretty loud.

“If only I could feel the strength of your arms around me, the softness of your lips on mine. The warmth of your breath upon my neck-”


Before Angel can finish, Emilie finally snatched the notepad from her.

“How dare you!” she yelled in anger.

Angel glared at her. “I told you to back off, but you tested me. Mess with fire, you get burned.”

Emilie was silent. She took one look at Angel and everyone else around the room, and then she rushed out the door. Claude just stood there staring after her not saying anything at all (little wimp!).

Ugh! That girl is pure evil. Someone really needs to put her and Claire in their places.


Speaking of places, I spotted Adam at Maria’s house on my way from the party. He was knocking on the door and pleading for her to open it. I got to say, he is lucky her parents didn’t seem to be home. They probably would have asked him what the hell he was doing. Anyways, he knocked on the door and waited for twenty minutes before he finally gave up and left. I hope this isn’t going to become a daily thing. I realize he wants to repair things, but really! He needs to give her some time. It was only a few weeks ago! Goodness! It almost makes you wish the Beaumount twins never came. All they have really done is give Angel and Claire low self-esteem (okay, that’s not so bad) and cause choas. Not trying to hate, just an observation. I guess we will see how things turn out in the coming months!



(Code Clue: It dangles from a gold chain around my neck, in it an image of family will always be kept)




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