Year 2: Post 13: But Circles Last Forever

Hey Queendalers! In honour of Ricky and Sarah’s wedding, I decided to let this post be code-free. So enjoy! Now let’s get on to it!


So I happened to catch a glimpse of Evanglina and Kara as they made their way to the car taking them to the wedding. They looked wonderful in their matching lavender-purple dresses. I have to say, if I didn’t know they were cousins, I would think they were twins.

They loaded into the car after Ricky, and then they all took off.


It was a quick ride to the Marmalade Inn and soon they were all up on the third floor getting ready. Evanglina quickly positioned a bouquet of flowers nicely on the table before guests slowly started to arrive.


Ricky was standing at the mixologist bar in a discussion with the bartender. I guess some last-minute advice was in order. But truthfully, I don’t think he needs it. Sarah couldn’t be marrying a better guy.


About thirty minutes later, everyone started to take their seats. Evanglina and Kara then descended down the aisle and took their seats in the front. I even spotted Paul and Emilie sitting toward the back.


Sarah then came quietly down the aisle, meeting Ricky at the end. I have to say, I looooove the wedding gown she chose! It was the one I would have picked. What do you guys think?


All the guests watched quietly as Sarah and Ricky said their vows to each other (they wrote their own! So sweet!). Their vows were so heartfelt that I could see some of the other guests all tearing up. It was like watching a soap opera wedding.


They then slipped the wedding rings on each other’s fingers and said the final words, “I do.”


Everyone stood up to their feet and applauded. Evanglina and Kara were looking particularly thrilled as they tossed rice at them gently. Paul, who I hadn’t even noticed until later, and Emilie also cheered along as well. I even saw Brian Nelson cheering in the back. I was a bit surprised to see him there, but I figured he might be connected through Ricky Emerson. Though I am confused to see him at a wedding, what with his own marriage falling apart. Go figure.


After a tasty catered meal of stuffed turkey, I was thrill to see Sarah cutting the cake. And you can bet this blogger managed to snag a slice! Oh that lemon custard coconut cream cake was delish!


I wasn’t the only one! I spotted both Evanglina and Kara chowing down on second servings much bigger than the first! I’m telling you, that cake was a dream. Fluffy, moist, sweet and prefect. Just perfect.


Soon after the cake and some hilarious toasts, people wandered onto the dance floor to join Sarah and Ricky, who were in their own little world. They look so blissfully happy that I thought I could burst. They are such a beautiful couple!


Everyone seemed to be having a great time, even Evanglina who I have not ever seen smile so much. She looked radiant. I only wondered where Derek was. I figured he would be her date to the wedding. Then again, with all the craziness going on with Damien and Henrietta, I guess he probably has his hands full.


One thing that really did catch my attention, was the way Paul was looking at Kara. I don’t know if it was the dress or what, but it seemed like there was something there between them. Maybe it is just a blogger’s intuition, but I could feel chemistry between those two. Guess I will have to keep you posted.


Getting towards the end of the reception, things started to die down and soon only Sarah, Ricky, Evanglina, Kara, and the wedding photographer were left. I decided to take my leave, so as not to draw attention and to leave them to have some private family time.


But not before I snapped the cutest pic of Evanglina and Kara.

“Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this,” Evanglina said to Kara as she hugged her, to which she responded,

“Hey, we’re not just best friends, we’re family. I’ll always be there when you need me.”

Like an endless bond of friendship. If only Henria felt the same way about Sarah.

Well, that’s it for this week! I am a bit curious to see what is going on with Henrietta and Damien, along with Brian and Marian, so I will try to get you some juice by next week! Stay tuned my Queendalers!



(Code Clue: In it I can gaze and see a reflection of truth)




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