Year 2: Post 18: Moving On

Hey Queendalers! So I thought last week’s code would be a little fun, “locket.” With all the talk about family going on, I thought it was fitting. So many changes have been going on with everyone. It’s strange. Just a year and a half ago, everyone was so happy. I guess a lot can change in a year. Well, onto the news.

So the last time we saw the Richmonds, Damien was pretty much losing his cool over the whole situation with Henrietta and Luke, added with the whole “paternity” news. Who can blame him? Well just like he said, he did actually sell the house, and this blogger was around to see moving day.


After the moving vans left, Angel and Henrietta just stood on the sidewalk watching in silence. Henrietta looked irritated, while Angel looked extremely annoyed. Which makes me wonder. How well is she taking this whole thing with Henrietta and Damien? On the surface, she looked normal, but how is she really? I can only imagine what will happen when she finds out about the “paternity” test. For her sake, I hope that Damien is her dad.


Henrietta then went to the bathroom to do a quick clothes change (I figure, since she came out wearing something totally different) and then came back out with a box which she put in her car. Derek and Damien then emerged later and headed over. They talked for a few minutes (I heard something about custody arrangements) and then after giving Angel a hug, Damien loaded into his car with Derek and drove off. Henrietta and Angel watched them leave and then got into her car as well. After looking at the house one last time, she started the engine and they drove off. It will be strange to see someone else living in that house. The Richmonds have lived there for so long. Oh well.


Of course, I was dying to see where Henrietta’s new place was, being that Damien had made it clear that she would not be coming to live with him. So I followed along until they pulled into a small two-story rental house off Clarnet street. I have to strain from laughing. I’m sorry, but I cannot see Henrietta living in a place like this. The woman that so desperately wanted to live in a house two times bigger than the one they were previously living in? And yes, I know she had a motive, but still. This house is three times smaller! She must have been really desperate!


Angel must have been thinking the same thing, for I heard her say, “This is it?” and then walk inside ranting about how awful the house was and that she couldn’t be seen living in a place like that. I’m sure if Claire could see it right about now, she will never let her live it down! Then again, if you are all reading this blog, I’m sure everyone will know soon enough!


Well after seeing Henrietta’s new place (*stifling laughter*) I just had to check out Damien’s new house, and let me tell you, it was very nice. It puts Henrietta’s to shame (not that it already wasn’t). It also happens to be the same house that Damien had been wanting to buy before Henrietta told him not to. Well isn’t that ironic. Somehow seeing Damien better off than Henrietta, puts a smile on my face.


Well, Derek must have told Evanglina about it, because later on that evening after all the moving vans had left, I spotted her playing some basketball with Derek in the parking lot.


They both seemed to be having a good time dribbling that basketball around the court. Probably because there was no fear of Henrietta catching them. Which begs the question, had Damien lifted Derek’s ban from seeing Evanglina? Because they honestly did look a little too comfortable playing around.


I get my answer ten minutes later when Derek asks Evanglina to stay for dinner. Now I know that if she was barred from coming over, she would not be staying for meals.


And from the kiss that they shared before Evanglina left, I can tell that she is pretty relived about it. Not saying that it is good that Damien and Henrietta split up, just saying no one can deny there is one small constellation prize.


But enough of that. You will not believe what happened at the Marsen house Sunday afternoon. So I happened to be driving by and spotted Sarah (Emerson now) going up the steps to the Marsen’s front door. Now, that surprised me. Henria and Sarah hadn’t really talked to each other since she moved in with Ricky and married him. So what could she be doing visiting her now? To clear the air?


Well, Henria happened to be hanging out in the backyard, so Sarah left the door and walked over to her. Henria as you could expect, did not seem happy to see her.

“Sarah, fancy seeing you here. I believe congratulations are in order.”

Sarah sighed. “That’s not necessary-”

“I meant to me,” Henria interrupts. “Jake and I are engaged.”

Sarah looks surprised. “Really?” She then shakes her head. “Wow, I didn’t think you would actually do it.”

“Do what?”

“Get engaged to Jake. Do you seriously think he would be a good husband? Let alone a good father to Evanglina?” Very good point!

Henria narrows her eyes. “You have no right to judge me,” she snaps. “And who I let be a part of my life and Evanglina’s father, is none of your business.”


“Actually, that’s what I came to talk about.” Sarah then clears her throat. “Henria…who is Evanglina’s father?”

Henria looks confused. “What?”

“Well, you never really told me who he was the whole time we were living together. You always just said that he was some guy you were seeing after you left home. Who was he really?”

Henria then frowns. “He was what I said he was. And why do you care anyway?”


Sarah shrugs. “I don’t know, it was just something that Ricky told me a few weeks ago. We were going over some photos from the wedding with Evanglina at McDoogles, and we found a few of Ricky and Evanglina. Ricky then said that when Kara saw them, she pointed out that he and Evanglina looked alike.”

Henria look a bit miffed. “And?”

“Well, I didn’t think much of it, but when I looked over the pictures again, I realized that she was right. Evanglina and Ricky look a lot alike. It was really weird, and just got me thinking about who Evanglina’s father is.”

Okay, now here is the weird thing. At first when Sarah was talking, Henria just looked annoyed and didn’t seem to care, but as soon as she said this, Henria looked very, very nervous.


There is a moment of silence before Henria practically pounces on her. “W-what? Why would you ask me that? Of course he isn’t!”

“Are you sure, Henria?”

“Of course I am!” Henria looks furious. “Why would you think he was?”

“Well, two things. One, Evanglina’s birthday. It’s in the first week of January and you said she was a month and a half early, meaning she would have had to have been conceived around May of your senior year. That was before you left, Henria, and you were only with one person then.”

Henria is looking more and more angry. I am starting to think Sarah might just be onto something.

“Second, I was thinking about something you said last year back when you kicked Kara and I out. You were trying to tell me something about Evanglina finding something out about Ricky, but then you stopped. It was why you didn’t want me to marry him.”


“I-I don’t know w-what you are talking about,” Henria says quickly, but it is so obvious by now that Sarah is right. She has totally uncovered the truth.

“Really Henria? Are you honestly going to deny it? Because I know you, and I can tell that I’m right.”

Henria scoffs loudly. “You don’t know anything about me! And you have no right to stand there and act like you do! Who Evanglina’s father is, is none of your business!”


“It is if Ricky is her father! He has every right to know!”

“Back off Sarah!” Henria screams.

“I will not! Ricky is going to be furious if he finds out! How can you keep his child from him all these years?”

“She’s not his child!”

“Then I guess you won’t have any problem letting him take a paternity test?” (Oh no, not that again.)

“Over my dead body!”

“Then it’s obviously true. Ricky is Evanglina’s father. If he really wasn’t, you wouldn’t be scared to prove it.”


Henria doesn’t say anything. It’s obvious that Sarah has got her there.

“Just get out of here,” she says finally. “You’re trespassing.”

“Very mature Henria-”

“Get out now!”

“Fine!” Sarah glares at her. “But I will be back. If Ricky is her father, he has every right to know, and I will make sure he does.”


At that moment, Evanglina comes biking down the road. She parks her bike on a rack and then runs over.

“Hey Auntie Sarah,” she says and then frowns. “What’s going on?”

“Your aunt was just leaving,” Henria snaps. “Right?”

Sarah takes one last look at Henria, and then she turns around. “I’ll be seeing you, Evanglina,” she says, and then she climbs into her car and drives away.


Evanglina exhales loudly. “Why do you always do that to her? Every time she tries to come here, you push her away! She and Kara are the only family we have!”

Henria frowns. “I don’t need her in my life. In fact, I don’t want her coming over here anymore. And I don’t want you going over there either.”

Evanglina’s jaw drops. “What? That’s not fair!”

“I don’t care! You aren’t going over there anymore and that is an order!”

Henria then turns and storms off, leaving Evanglina standing alone in the yard. That poor girl always seems to be stuck in the middle of everyone’s drama. Just wait until she finds out about who her father might be. Right now, she and Angel could totally be buddies! More soon!



(Code Clue: On it I can search digitally to find all there is to see, I can play games, read Lexie’s blog or maybe start one by me.)




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