Post 2: The Maxwells


The largest house in town (well apart from the mayor’s mansion) is home to the most well known family, the Maxwells. They can be dated back to the 1800’s. If our town wasn’t named Queendale, I am pretty sure it would be Maxwell.


The Maxwells own most of the biggest businesses in the city. That includes the top city banks, nightclubs, and even the town sports/concert arena. I have to say, it is an amazing stadium. I have seen many football games and to die for concerts. Queendale might be smaller than New York City, but many musicians and actors do pass by. Some are even rumored to own condos in the city. Of which I am still trying to figure out…


Mr. David Maxell is the best lawyer in the city. He has won many cases and owns his own firm. The only disconcerting thing is he always seems to be defending the guilty and prosecuting the innocent. And I am not just saying this. Anyone who watches the Queendale evening news, can see how obvious it is that his clients are guilty. Trust me, there is something off about him…


Which I guess is no surprise that he married someone just as strange, Erica Maxwell. She may smile and wave as she passes through the city, but trust me, there is another side to her. I can just feel it. I heard that she and Mr. Maxwell met in a graveyard, but maybe that is just a rumor. After all, this isn’t the Addams family.


I will say though, that Erica Maxwell is a very interesting woman. Beautiful, smart, but always seems like she is hiding something. She is supposed to be the receptionist at David Maxwell’s firm, but I have a feeling she is into some other dark stuff (And I am not talking witchcraft, although it wouldn’t surprise me). I happen to have seen her leaving the police station earlier this week. She went in and didn’t come out for two days, and when she finally did, she was wearing the same clothes she had worn those two days before! This is a woman that would never be caught dead in the same outfit twice. Now why would she need to stay at a police station overnight unless, she had been arrested? I guess I will have to keep you posted.


Then there’s their son, Adam Maxwell. Junior at Queendale high and quarterback on the football team, Adam is the most popular guy in school. Well, along his best friends Derek Richmond and Paul Nelson. Adam is really into sports, but I happened to know that has other peculiar interests.


A few weeks ago, I caught him messing around in the chemistry lab late afterschool. At first, I thought maybe he was readying some kind of prank, (it wouldn’t be the first time) but then I realized he was mixing the chemicals while following a homemade science book. It was clear that he knew exactly what he was doing. Could it be that Adam the quarterback is a bit of a science geek? Time will tell.


Last but not least, is Adam’s younger sister, Claire Maxwell. She is the most popular girl in school next to her best friend Angelica Richmond, Angel for short. Seemingly, calm and quiet, there is much more to Claire then you would think. Underneath that cool attitude, there is a dark side to her. It’s how you know she and her mother are related. She can be extremely cruel and malicious, if I have anything to say about it. But maybe that’s because deep down, she is really intimidated by others. Sorry, that’s my annoyance talking.

In all, the Maxwells are the strangest, darkest and richest, family in the city. They also seem to think they are untouchable (they kind of are), looking down on others, especially Claire and her mother. Well, we’ll see just how much, when I uncover their secrets. One of these days, it will happen. But they aren’t the only prominent family I have eyes for. There is another family that is just as well known and very closely connected to the Maxwells, the Richmonds.





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