Year 2: Post 10: That’s What Friends Are For

Hey Queendalers! This code should have been really easy for you: a bunny! I thought it would be fun in the spirit of spring. I also wanted to thank you for the news you have been sending me. Just one little memo and the juice has been flying in! Now onto the news!


So just in case you didn’t know, there was a magic show held over the weekend. “Arama the Majestic,” was visiting and put on an amazing magic show! With Different cute tricks and gags, she had the crowd laughing and cheering. Even this blogger had to join in the fun.


But I wasn’t the only one. I saw Evanglina standing off to the side cheering as she watched. Thirty minutes in, Maria entered with Emilie following close behind. I guess better late than never!


They all then stood near each other to watch the rest of the show. Although it wasn’t a huge turnout, the act was still very memorable. I’m sure people are going to be talking about this for a while.


The fun was only beginning. After the magic show had finished and after some encouragement from Emilie, Evanglina and Maria hopped onto the karaoke stage and started belting out some tunes. I must say, they sounded amazing together. They were harmonizing and everything! If I didn’t know any better, I would say they have been practicing…a lot. We could very well have a future girl band on the way!


After a few songs and some applause, they all headed upstairs to play Dominos at one of the game tables. I have always thought it was weird that that game is mixed in with all the arcade games.

Anyways, they all seemed very into the game, but still managed to make some conversation. When I got close enough, I could make out Evanglina talking about her mother and her engagement to Jake.

“She has convinced herself that he is the most amazing man that has ever lived,” Evanglina says, and rolls her eyes. “Nothing I say will get through her head.”

Maria shakes her head. “The things women do when they are in love.”

Evanglina grimaces. “Ugh, don’t use that word about Jake.”

Maria laughs. “You may hate him, but it is clear your mother is totally head over heels.”

“I think she is just doing it because of Aunt Sarah. You know she hates the fact that she is marrying Ricky.”

“Well can you blame her? You told us he was her ex-boyfriend back in high school. Not to mention he got with your aunt while he was still dating her!”

Evanglina gives Maria a look. “Okay, I get it. Still, there are tons of guys out there. She had to pick the worst one of all.”


Maria turns to Emilie. “You’re awfully quiet. Everything okay, Em?”

“Hmmm?” Emily looks up at them and then back at her line of dominos. “Oh, I’m fine. Just daydreaming.”

“About Claude?” Evanglina says, with a smile.

“What? No!”

Maria laughs. “Oh please! Who are you trying to fool? It’s obvious that you like him.”

Emilie’s cheeks redden. “It is not!”

“It is to a trained eye. I’ve seen that look before. Em likes Claude!”

“Oh, knock it off.” Emilie waves her hand. “Besides. It doesn’t matter. He would never go out with someone like me anyways.”


Maria shakes her head. “Not with that attitude,” she says and sits back to look at her domino stack.

“Yah, you have the same chance as any girl,” Evanglina chimes in.

Emilie’s rolls her eyes. “You guys are just saying that because you are dating Derek and you are dating Adam.” The three of them then laugh.


“How are things with you and Adam?” Evanglina asks Maria. “I haven’t really been seeing the two of you hanging out as much.”

Maria shrugs. “I guess we have just been busy.”

“Oh please! You two were attached at the hip! You made time for each other no matter what! What happened?”

Maria bites her lip. “You promise you two won’t say anything?”

Both Evanglina and Emilie nod and then Maria sighs.

“Okay. The truth is,” she lowers her voice so I have to move a little closer to hear, “Adam wants us to take the next step.”


Emilie raises her eyebrows. “Wow, really?”

Maria nods. “He has been talking about it a lot lately.”

“And how do you feel about it?”

Maria shrugs. “I don’t know.”  She looks over at Evanglina. “What do you think? Have you and Derek…”

Evanglina shakes her head. “No. We’ve talked about it though. I guess we just both aren’t ready to go that far yet. Not that there has even been time, what with us having to sneak around all the time. But in the end, what really matters is how you feel about it.”


Maria rests her head upon her wrist and stares at her dominos. “I don’t know. I love Adam, but honestly, I don’t think I’m ready to go that far yet. He’s just really been pushing and I don’t want to disappoint him.”

Emilie smiles. “Hey, if Adam really loves you, he should understand. You both have to be ready. It’s a big step and you should only take it if you are truly ready.”

Maria smiles. “Thanks Em. You know, you have never been in a relationship, but you always seem to give the best advice.”

Emilie laughs. “I guess I am just gifted that way.”

They all then go back to playing their domino game.

Funny, I am not that surprised that Adam has been pushing the “sex” talk with Maria. Like I said before, Adam is pretty experienced. I’m sure he is used to getting action from any girl that he dates. Not that I am saying that he views Maria as just any other girl. On the contrary, I personally think it is because he loves Maria so much that he is more eager than ever. But will he be able to wait until she is ready? I guess time will tell!


That is not all that happened. Though Maria might have thought she was confiding in just Emilie and Evanglina, there was another person listening from not too far away…Claire Maxwell. She had been playing some pool with one of the regulars, but stopped short when she heard their conversation. Nosy little twit. Sorry.


She seemed particularly interested in what Maria was saying about her and Adam. Not that I am surprised. Claire has been trying to break them up from the moment that they got together. What I don’t like, is that look she had on her face. It is clear that the wheels were turning in her head. There was something in what she heard that was giving her ideas. As for what, I am still unsure. All I can say is, watch out Maria!


Maria wasn’t the only one meeting up with friends that night. I spotted Juanita Henderson having dinner with Marian Nelson, later that evening. They were in deep conversation about Marian’s marital affairs. It would seem that Marian had had enough of her and Brian’s marriage counsellor and wanted a friend’s opinion.


“I just am filled with all this anger and rage,” Marian was saying. “It’s like no matter how much I try to let it go or bury it, it just keeps coming back. It’s driving me crazy. I really want to move past it Juanita, but I just can’t. I really want to, but I can’t.”

Juanita sighs. “Well, I think if that’s the case, there is only one thing you can do. You really need to think about what you want in life. Not about Brian or anyone else, but what is right for you. You need to ask yourself if you want to continue this marriage or if you want to end it, and there is no shame if you do. Sometimes two people can love each other deeply, but it still doesn’t work out. Then again, sometimes it does. In the end, it is really up to you.”


Marian looks at Juanita for a minute and then sighs. “But what about Emilie and Paul?”

“It will be hard for them, yes, but I think it will be harder for you to be walking around unhappy. They are both going off to college in the fall. You need to think about what is best for your life.”

Marian nods. “You’re right.” She then smiles. “Thanks for letting me rant.”

Juanita laughs. “No problem. It’s what I’m here for.”

They remain at the restaurant for another thirty minutes before leaving to head for home. I can’t help but feel a little sad for Marian. Things are looking more and more like the Nelsons may not make it. But who knows. Maybe Marian will decide to stay and work it out!

Well that is it for this week my readers! Stay tuned, keep the juice coming, and I will do the same!



(Code Clue: I am white, oval, and not flat, if you drop me I might just crack)




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