Year 2: Post 1: Back In Session!

Hey my Queendalers! Guess whose back! Back again! Lexie’s back! Tell a friend! Sorry, I couldn’t resist those cheesy lines of “Without Me” by Eminem. But seriously! I am finally back after months of what seemed like eternal slumber. But in all seriousness, I am thrilled to be able to start up the blog again. I was beginning to think it was really the end, and with no one figuring out who I was. Although some of you had come pretty close! I again will not be revealing my identity, but who knows? Maybe one of you will figure it out before time runs out. What do I mean by that? Well you will just have to keep reading posts to figure it out.

Well, I should start off by saying that this time my posts are going to be a little different. As you know, with all attention my blog was getting from some law officials, I had no choice but to close it down. Now that was about six months ago. I know! Crazy huh? It has already been six months since my last post! But I had to do it just to make sure I was in the clear. That being said, Lexie Wright is still taking no chances. So this time around, I have decided to make my posts a little more protected. This will be the only post that will be available for you to read freely. The posts following this will be password protected, and here’s the fun part, you have to figure out the code! But don’t worry, it won’t be as challenging as it sounds. At the end of every post, I will leave some sort of clue to figure out the next code. But make sure you get it right! Too many tries and you will be locked out! Now onto the news for the New Year!

When I last left off, it was still summer, about six months ago in July. And as you can imagine, a lot has happened since then. So let’s get to it!


So first up, the Maxwells! They seem to be doing very well as of late. The summer was a little rocky for them after they returned from France in August. As I had said back in my last post, Erica Maxwell had become a suspect in the “drug dealing case,” but as it turns out, they really had no evidence against her! I heard from an anonymous source that they questioned her about Jake Rivers’s involvement, and she said she had no knowledge of it. With nothing to go on, she was off the hook and as it turns out, still is!


As of now, Erica is using her talents for a new field of business, owning her own restaurant! No I’m serious! She is remodeling an old restaurant into a new sophisticated one called “The Maxwell.” And no I am not kidding about the name. We should be happy she didn’t call it “The Erica.” The place is actually coming around very nicely and will be opening in just a week. Don’t worry, this blogger will definitely be snapping up some photos before then!


And how is Adam and Claire? Well I can’t speak for Claire, but I shall let this photo speak for Adam. He is doing very well and as you can see, still going strong with Maria Henderson! They have been spending a lot of time together during the past six months, and anyone can see how much closer they have gotten. Dare I say it, but they might just be my new favorite couple next to Derek and Evanglina!


Claire of course, has not been too happy about this, but what can she do? FYI, she spent the whole summer and the first couple months of school trying to get back onto Adam’s good side (just as I knew she would), so I don’t think she wants to test her luck by saying anything. That is not to say she doesn’t have any plans up her sleeve, because when it comes to her and Angel, anything is possible.


Speaking of Angel, I should move onto the Richmonds! Just as with Claire, not much is going on with her. She is still her same old vindictive self. Although it seems hopeless, she is still plotting ways to split up Adam and Maria. I know. She still hasn’t given up. It is beyond pathetic. But alas, she still makes attempts to no avail. She has let the whole thing with Evanglina and Derek go, probably because she thinks she has won. They are not together anymore. Well…so she thinks! I happen to know that they have not completely cut ties from each other (thank goodness!) and are still seeing each other in secret. Henrietta’s ridiculous restraining letter did not end up going through, thanks to Damien intervening and pointing out how idiotic it was, That made her outraged. They argued about it for almost month, before Damien finally made a deal for Derek not to see Evanglina anymore. That seemed to calm Henrietta down. Not that Derek is actually following her orders. And I’ll be honest, I think Damien knows he isn’t…


Not that he really cares though. Damien is going through his own issues. There is definitely trouble in paradise. Now I can’t say for certain that he has caught onto Henrietta’s lies, but I will say that he is definitely getting a bit suspicious. I have overheard Angel mumbling something to Claire about him and Henrietta getting in a lot of fights lately. Could he be finally uncovering the truth?


Could definitely be a possibility! After all, Luke Wilson has been making some trips to the Richmond house while Damien is out. And I have to be honest, I can’t always tell whether the visits are romantic or platonic. From last year, I was under the impression that Henrietta was done with him, due to her wanting to stay with Damien (so she won’t lose her alimony) and his badgering about Angel’s paternity. But yet here he was, showing up frequently and Henrietta was letting him in! I’m not quite sure where this is going, but you can bet Lexie will be looking deeply into this.


As for the Nelsons, things between Marian and Brian are still very rocky. But you will be surprised to know that she hasn’t filed for divorce yet! Apparently after spending the summer away, she came back and decided to give Brian another chance! I know! I thought that was crazy too! Well, she did tell him that he had to make sure it was really over with him and Erica or she was going straight back to Riverview, to which he hurried replied “Yes!” And for the most part, it would seem he was right. I have yet to see either him or Erica crossing paths ever since. I think that trip she took to France must have changed her. She has been very different ever since she returned, and as it seems, is allowing Brian off the hook. But I have to wonder. During the time she was blackmailing him, why didn’t Brian just turn the tables on her? Tell her that he would reveal their affair to David? Wouldn’t that have got her to back off? Then again this is Erica we are talking about. If he had tried that, who knows what would have happened! If you haven’t already figured it out, Erica is a pretty powerful woman.

Anyways, even though she agreed to stay, it would seem that things are still not that great between Marian and Brian (no surprise there) as she is now very untrusting of him. I will have to keep you posted on their progress.


With Basketball season and then track coming up after winter break, Paul has been doing his best to keep his skills up with some help from Kara Marsen. They have been spending a lot of evenings playing basketball together and going for jogs. I think that has helped him a lot with the whole Marian and Brian thing. For a while it seemed like he and his ex-girlfriend Abigail Best would be getting back together, but it looks like Paul wasn’t interested and then she signed up to be an exchange student for a high school in London, UK. Not that I think that would have mattered. I think their fling was gone after his whole downward spiral last year. But no worries! From what I can see, he seems to be doing just fine without her!


Kara as a matter of fact, is actually doing quite well! Her cousin Evanglina on the other hand, not so much.

So to fill in some blanks, Evanglina did manage to join Kara on her, Sarah and Ricky’s trip to Marina Beach during the summer, but for only a short time. She apparently used a little bit of lying and trickery to get herself to join them (something about house sitting for them for the weekend. I think she was hoping that by the time her mother figured it out, she would already be gone and her mother would have to just wait until she returned), and when her mother found out, she was furious. Sarah had no choice, but to put her on a plane back home. From what I heard, Evanglina was grounded for the rest of the summer.

Poor thing! All she had wanted was a good summer! And unfortunately things haven’t gotten better with her still being banned from seeing Derek. Then again, we all know she is working her away around that. Quite the little mischievous thing she has become! I guess too much misery will do that to you!


And of course we can’t forget Ricky and Sarah! They have been so cute together the past half year. I have to say, moving out of Henria’s house was probably the best thing for her. So if Henria was trying to punish her or teach her a lesson, it was surely missed. Sarah has been overjoyed since she moved in with Ricky. They are always seen walking through the park hand in hand on their hospital lunch breaks and having lunch and dinners at nice restaurants out in town. I’m telling you, they look so blissful together that it’s enough to make you crave romance! And did I mention that Ricky comes from quite a sum of money? I’m not talking the Maxwells, but still, it’s a pretty nice sum. And I am in no way saying that is why she is with him (as we learnt last year, they have known each other for years), but it definitely doesn’t hurt. Either way, with Ricky studying to be a doctor and Sarah the same, they are going to be living quite comfortably.


And of course, we cannot forget dear Henria and Jake. Since the drug shipment case has gone cold, things have been going great for the two of them. Henria refuses to believe Jake may have been involved, no matter how many times that Evanglina brings it up. And little does she know, he is back into it again, this time, actually leading the shipments! I won’t get too much into it (this is what made me have to shut down before), but apparently Erica somehow managed to get out of her contract or whatever it was, with the boss. Something tells me that David might have used connections or bought his way out of it for her. I told you he could be a bit dirty. Well after Erica got out, Jake was thrown in! I suppose he had shown his worth to the “Boss.” They have yet to sneak any type of shipments into the city, but I doubt they have given up hope. I only hope that Henria figures it out before she gets dragged into it!

Now, before I end this post completely, I just thought I should mention some quick upcoming news. So as I said earlier, Abigail Best signed up for a student exchange program which sent her to London, UK, along with another student, Robbie Platt (Remember that random guy showing up at all those parties last year?). But as you know, that also gives two students from London, UK the chance to do the exchange and come here. And what do you know? We have two exchange students scheduled to arrive in just a week. And you won’t believe who their host parents are…The Maxwells! I know! Crazy right? They don’t exactly strike me as the host parent type. I guess time will tell!

Well that is all for this week! Boy it is good to be back! More soon!



P.S As I said above, I will always leave some little clue for the next blog post code. Here it is (a fairly easy one):

“It lies upon my bed, underneath my head.”


(Thank you for reading! It feels great to post again! More next week! 🙂 )




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