Post 18: Trouble

\Hello my readers! I must congratulate one of you for figuring out a clue about me in my last post. Although I’m sure many of you figured that clue a long time ago with the content of some of my posts. I know some of you think I left it there accidentally. Rule number one, nothing is an accident unless I say it is. As for another clue, I am sorry, but I don’t know when I will reveal another. I guess you will have to wait and see. 😉


So continuing on, I am sure you have been wondering about whatever happened with Erica and Jake’s shipment. I was wondering myself. It would seem that the shipment arrival was moved to another date, because on that Friday which it was suppose to appear, no ship arrived and Erica and Jake were nowhere to be found. I heard later from an anonymous source that the police were tipped off to the shipment arrival. So, something tells me that with Erica being married to someone in law enforcement, she found out from him. Only I’m sure he has no idea that she was involved with it. I was starting to think that the shipment was completely off, but then on my way home, I spotted Erica and Jake outside of a consignment store.


They were dressed up casually instead of in their work clothes, probably to make themselves look less suspicious. From a close distance I could hear them talking.

“The boss hasn’t set a new date yet,” she was saying. “But I suspect that it won’t be for a while. With the whole thing with the police, he wants to be cautious. I suspect he won’t plan the next big shipment until after March. He wants to wait long enough for the police to lose interest.”

So that explains why the docks had been empty.


I move a little closer to hear better.

“That is probably the wisest decision,” Jake says. “I still don’t understand who tipped us off.”

Erica glances around and then lowers her voice. “I don’t know, but the boss thinks it’s an inside job.”

Jake raises his eyebrows. “Does he know who?”

“Not that I know of, but I hear that he has some people in mind.”




Jake looks shocked. “Me?”  he says a little too loudly. “Why would he suspect me?”

Erica’s eyes widen. “Jake, lower your voice.”

Jake still looks furious, but he quiets down.

“It is all just speculation,” Erica continues. “He only singled you out because you only started four months ago. That’s all. All you have to do is prove him wrong.”

“How come you aren’t a suspect? Your husband is in law enforcement.”

“I know, but I have been working for him longer. He knows I would never turn my back on him.” Erica sighs. “Look, you are not the only one he has his eyes on, okay? So keep your head on. He will soon realize you had nothing to do with it. Well, if that is the truth.”


What do you mean if that is the truth? Of course it is!”

“Jake! I believe you! Now keep it down. I was just saying.”

“Sounds more like accusing.”

Erica sighs. “Look, I got to head back before David starts to get suspicious. Just keep a level head. Do your work and prove your loyalty. I’ll keep you posted about the shipment.”

Jake nods and then they both go their separate ways.


So, things are going cold for a while. Well I will give Erica props. She is not stupid. She knows how to keep a level head in these types of situations. Although speeding off after meeting suspiciously with a guy in daylight, not so smart. Not that anyone witnessed it but me.


She isn’t the only one up to no good. I spotted Claire at the Henderson house making a surprise appearance. But this time, I am not surprised. I am sure that she is there to play some kind of prank on Maria. For the past two weeks, she and Angel have been doing all they can to make her miserable. Starting with accidently-on-purpose bumping into her and dropping her books, cutting in front of her constantly with an unsympathetic “I’m sorry,” posting rude anonymous notes in her locker (I know its them. I saw Angel and some of her followers shoving some notes in during class hours on the way to the bathroom) and today during gym class, hiding her clothes in the garbage. Yes, the garbage. Maria was furious and tried to confront them, but they were able to weasel out of it, by having people defend them and say they were nowhere near the gym when it happened. Maria had to wear her sweaty gym clothes for the rest of the day. Oh and did I mention that they played the most aggressive volleyball game I have ever seen? Claire and Angel spiked the volleyball toward Maria so many times, that I am surprised the teacher said nothing about it. Then again, they have always been able to come across smelling like a roses.


Anyways, I guess all they have been doing to Maria wasn’t enough, because there was Claire playing another prank on her. And from the looks of it, it is a repeat of one of her other pranks, the flaming bag of dog poop. Where she got it, I don’t know.


After the bag is set on fire, Claire rings the doorbell and then hurries over to some nearby bushes to hide.


Fortunately, Maria was not home, so her mother Juanita is the one who answered the door. Her eyes about popped out of her head as she stomped the fire out with her foot. Then noticing the poop splattered all over her shoe, she started yelling angrily in Spanish.


Although Claire meant it for Maria, it still seems to have the desired effect. Claire snickers and then makes her way over to her car parked a few streets down. Very nice Claire. Too bad that wasn’t all. From an anonymous source, I learned that a video is circling around of Maria pulling her clothes out of the garbage, which I must add, was filled with rotten food and milk. Apparently, it has gone viral. I wonder how Maria is going to react…


And Maria isn’t the only one with a lot to deal with. On my way home, I happened to pass by the Marsen house, which I could hear shouting coming from. It would seem that Jake wasn’t taking the whole “being a suspect” thing very well. From outside, I can hear his slurred speech as he yells.


“I have had a long day at work and I don’t want to hear your obnoxious squawking for one more second! Now get up to your room!”

Evanglina looks at him in shock, and then hurries out of the room. I then see Jake open the fridge and grab a bottle of beer. After taking a sip, he looks up to the ceiling and screams, “Keep it shut up there!” It would seem that Evanglina has a long night ahead of her. Ugh.

Well, that’s it for now, but don’t worry. With Valentine’s day in just a week, I am sure I will have an excellent blog for you!





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