Post 31: Summer!

Summer is here my Queendalers! Also, great names for the blog! Now onto the news!

So first off, I will say that there was no “shipment” on Saturday, which begs me to believe that the date was switched. No bother, I will be keeping my eyes on the dock every Saturday, until then.

In other news, the secret of Erica and Brian is out! Well, at least to Marian. I’m not quite sure what David knows. But Marian has discovered the news! She apparently was out with Juanita at the Marmalade Inn for planning an anniversary surprise for her and Brian (I know. That makes it even worse), when she caught him coming down the stairs. Apparently, he was supposed to be out of state on business. So what was he doing at a hotel?


Anyways, she took off for home and he followed her. He then cornered her in the kitchen, frantically trying to explain what happened.

“It’s not what you think,” he was saying. “Yes I did spend the night there, but it’s complicated.”

“How is it complicated Brian?” Marian asks. “What were you doing there?”

“I was-I was just…uh…”

Even Marian can tell he is trying to make something up. “I know you were there with someone,” she says. “Who is she?”


Brian looks alarmed. “Marian, there is no one else-”

“Who is she Brian!”

They go back forth for the next few minutes and then Brian finally sighs.

“All right! Fine! It’s Erica!”  He shouts.

The room seems to stand still.

“Erica?” Marian’s voice is faint. “Erica Maxwell? As in David Maxwell’s wife?”

“Marian,” Brian moves to her, but she moves back.

“Don’t,” she says. “I cannot believe you would do this to me and with Erica of all people! How could you?”

“I-I didn’t have a choice!”

Marian looks incredulous. “Oh really? Did she force you to sleep with her?”

“Yes!” Brian then sighs. “Well not at first, but when I told her that I wanted to stop, she blackmailed me.”


“How did she blackmail you Brian? I find that hard to believe.”

“She told me she had proof of our…affair, and that she would send it to you if I tried to stop seeing her.”

Marian raises her eyebrows. “Oh really? So you slept with her to keep me from finding out that you cheated?”

Brian opens his mouth and then closes it. It’s clear he realizes how dumb that sounded.

“You know what I think? I think you wanted to keep sleeping with her.”

Brian shakes his head. “That is not true! If you can’t believe anything else, believe this. I love you, not her. I wanted to stop it.”

“If you really wanted to stop it, you would have come straight to me and told me about it! Not sleep with her again! You had to know I was going to find out eventually!”


“Marian, please,” Brian says, trying to grab her again, but she pulls away.

“I said don’t! You clear don’t care about me or this marriage or you would have never done this in the first place! We have always talked to each other about everything. I know things were in a bad place when you were demoted at the office, but I thought we could work through it. I didn’t think you would need to masculate yourself by sleeping with another woman!”

“That’s not what happened!”

But isn’t it?”

There is a moment of silence and finally Marian shakes her head.

“I’m done, Brian,” she says softly. “I want a divorce.”


They are so busy staring at each other that I don’t even think they noticed Emilie come in quietly.

“Marian, please don’t say that.”We can work through this.”

“I can’t Brian. I am so angry that I can’t see striaght. You have destroyed the vows we made to each other on our wedding day. So, I’m done. I want a divorce.”

Hearing this, Emilie’s eyes widen. She then turns around and hurries out of the kitchen.

“Emilie!” Marian calls after her, but she is already gone. She sighs. “I’m going to go and explain things to our daughter,” she says, and then she leaves the kitchen after her.

I still can’t believe any of this. If you had asked me a year ago which couple I thought would never get a divorce, I would have said the Nelsons. But yet, here we are, Brian a cheater, and Marian wanting a divorce. It’s like the world has turned upside down.


Things are pretty tense the rest of the day. Lucky Paul hadn’t been home during any of the exchanges, though I think Emilie must have told him something about what was going on, because when he got home from a night of clubbing (yes, he’s still doing the DJing) he called his mom outside to talk.

“I’m okay, Paul,” Marian says with a little smile. “I just want to make sure you and your sister are okay and understand.”

Paul looks uncomfortable. “Emilie and I already knew, mom. We just didn’t know what to do about it. It seemed weird for us to say anything, so we just didn’t.”

Marian looks shocked, but then sighs. “That explains why you two have been so distant in the past month.”I’m so sorry you two had to go through all this alone.”


“It’s okay mom,” says Paul, but she shakes her head.

“No, it isn’t. This is not something that you two should have to deal with along with school. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault mom. It’s dad’s. If he hadn’t gotten with Erica, then none of this would have happened.”

“Paul-” Marian says, slowly, but he cuts her off.

“Mom, you know I’m right!”


They are both quiet for a minute. I can imagine that so many things must be running through their heads.

Then Marian pulls Paul into a hug. “Everything is going to be okay,” she says. “It will all be fine in time.”

I sure hope she’s right, because right now things seem to be awful for them. Was she really going to file for a divorce? And would Brian agree to it? I guess we will have to wait and see. More soon!





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