Year 2: Post 9: Library Chemistry

Hey my Queendalers! Last week’s code was an interesting one, but many of you guessed it: snow! I thought it would be a fun one since our cold days are almost over. Spring is on its way my friends, in just a few weeks! With all the Valentine’s day excitement, I have yet to be able to fill you in on what has been going on in the past three weeks. So let’s get to it!


So, I am sure you are all wondering what is going on with that partner project that was assigned in history class several weeks ago. And as you have seen, things didn’t go completely as Charlotte had planned with Derek (Good news for Evanglina!) despite Angel apparently egging her on. Well, if you remember, Emilie was paired up with Charlotte’s brother Claude, something Angel seemed a bit peeved about for some reason. Well, I am happy to say I’ve got some juice to share, for the craziest thing happened at the Queendale library just a couple weeks ago.


Just a couple hours after school, I spotted Emilie and Claude hard at work doing research. And I mean really, really hard at work. There were books piled up on the table. I don’t know who they were researching on, but it must have been a more popular topic!


Things seemed pretty normal with them. They just kept looking through the textbooks, taking notes and then moving onto the next one. A few times they stopped to discuss something about their notes, but they were mostly focused on their work. But when Claude got up to grab a book from a nearby shelf, I did happen to see Emilie glance up at him from the corner of her eye. Her cheeks then reddened slightly and her lips curled into a smile. I think our favorite bookworm has a little thing for our British cutie!


Of course, I don’t think Claude noticed, for when he turned around, she had already quickly darted her eyes back down at her notebook. Ah, young love.screenshot-1306-4

Apparently not everyone felt the same way, for sitting at a table on the other side of the wall, was surprise, surprise, Angel. She had a magazine up to her face, but would ever so often glance over at Emilie and Claude from the side of the magazine. I mean, is this girl for real? I swear she gets a kick out of budding into other peoples’ lives. After a while, she places the magazine and then leaves her seat.


At first I am confused as to why, when I look over and notice Emilie leaving her seat as well. She says something to Claude about putting back one of the books they are no longer using and then she walks off from the table.


Entering the section, she scans the shelf and then slips the book back into place.


A second later, Angel appears right around the corner.

“Emilie, fancy meeting you here,” she says.

Emilie looks up at her and rolls her eyes. “What do you want Angel?” She sounds extremely annoyed and I can’t blame her. Angel really needs to get a hobby.


“I could ask you the same question,” Angel says frowning.

“Well, what does it look like I’m doing?” Emilie gestures to the shelf. “I am doing research for the history project due next week.”

Angel raises her eyebrows. “Is that all?”

“What else would I be doing here?”


Angel arches her eyebrow. “You know he is out of your league, right?”

Emilie steps back. “What?”

“Claude Beaumont. He is totally out of your league.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Angel scoffs. “Uh huh, sure. Just so you know, he would never look twice at you. A guy of his status would never downgrade himself to someone like you.” Wow. Cruel much?

“Angel, I think you are a bit confused,” Emilie says back, but even I can tell from her voice that she is a bit affected by what Angel said.


And Angel senses it too.

“Oh come on Emilie, no one’s buying your fake denial.” She snickers. “It’s so obvious that you are crushing on him.”

“I-I am not-”

“It’s sad really. That someone like you could even think that you have a chance with him. Pathetic.”


Emily glares at her. “Excuse me?”

Angel smirks. “You heard me. In any case, I just wanted to put you on notice. Stay away from Claude.”

“We are working on a project, Angel,” Emilie says through gritted teeth.

“Whatever. Just back off. Or else you won’t like the consequences.”


Angel then turns to leave, but not before Emilie says,

“You don’t scare me, Angel.” My eyes widen. No one normally has the guts to talk to Angel like that, but somehow Emilie never seems to care. Ever since Evanglina’s party last year.

Anyways, Angel freezes in her tracks and turns her head back slightly. “You should,” she says, and then she leaves the section.


After Angel leaves, Emilie takes a deep breath, seeming to be recuperating from facing off from her. If I am being honest, I don’t know how she is able to keep going toe to toe with Angel. I know I wouldn’t dream of it. Another reason why this blog is so nice. Well, that is until one of you finds me out!


Well after talking to Emilie, Angel seems to decide to make her presence known to Claude. She calls out his name and then walks over to him, fashion model style. Seriously, as if she was walking down a runway.


They talk for a few minutes before I spot Emilie slowly making her way back over to the table. She stops a few feet away and just watches them. Let me tell you, Angel was definitely getting her flirt on. She was pulling all the stops, fluttering eyelashes, twirling a strand of hair and giggling at anything funny he said. Ugh. I feel for Emilie.


But what takes the cake is when she tells Claude that there is a party at Claire’s house over spring break and then asks if he will come. Claude grins and tells her he would be delighted, to which Angel lets out a girly giggle. It’s enough to make you sick. Whatever happened to her feelings for Adam?


It looks like Emilie couldn’t take it either. She quickly walks back over to the table, interrupting Angel’s conversation with him.

“Well, it’s getting late so I should get going,” she says, a bit rushed.

That seems to tear Claude’s attention from Angel. He then checks the time. “Oh, you’re right. I didn’t realize how late it was. Do you need a ride?”

Emilie shakes her head. “No, it’s okay.”

“Really, it would be no trouble at all.”

Emilie smiles. “It’s okay. I’ll be fine. Paul had a game today so I’ll just head over to school and catch a ride with him.” That still isn’t enough for Claude.

“Well, let me at least walk you over. I insist.”

Emilie decides not to argue, so they gather up their stuff and after saying goodbye to Angel, Claude leads Emilie out.


Now as you can imagine, Angel wasn’t too pleased about this. She looked furious as Claude escorted Emily out of the library and just stood watching from the table. Just as she was about to leave, she stopped and glanced down at something laying on the table. She then leaned over, seeming to be reading it. It wasn’t until she smirked and picked it up, that I realized what it was. Emily’s notepad! Now what could Angel want with it? I don’t know yet, but it can’t be anything good. Judging by the happy look on her face, whatever was written on it, was something Angel could definitely use against her. It was just a matter of what and when.


On a more cheerful note, I spotted Sarah, Kara and Evanglina at the bridal shop Saturday afternoon. It was about time, being that the wedding is in a month! Sarah had Evanglina and Kara try on many dresses before deciding on a matching set of lavender-purple shoulder strap dresses. They looked gorgeous!


Afterwards, it was Sarah’s turn. Sarah, as it turns out, was very indecisive about what dress to where. And since I was lucky enough to be there, I happened to snap photos of each dress she tried on! Eat your heart out Queendalies! Here they are, with a little slideshow for you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They all looked terrific on her! Which one did she choose? You’ll have to wait until the wedding to find out! Until then, tell me which one is your favorite! Maybe it will be the one she chose!

So before Lexie checks out for another week, I just wanted to inform you all about something. Being the busy blogger that I am, sometimes I miss on some potential juicy news that I could be sharing with you all. So, I have decided to open it out to you my readers! See any juicy gossip about the families I follow? Don’t be shy! Snap a photo and send it my way! If your juice is up to Lexie standards, I may just add it to my weekly posts! Well more soon! Lexie out!




(Code Clue: It’s cuddly and cute with fluffy tail, hopping happily along a dirt filled trail)


(Thanks for reading! Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂 )



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