Post 15: New Year’s Eve Gala

So the New Year’s Gola was…interesting. Very. I have to say things did not go well for anybody that night. Really. It was a lot of missed connections, unexpected hook ups and yah, well, I think I said it. Athough I did make my leave earlier to avoid being caught, I did get some juicy news before my departure.


So first, location, location. The Gala was held at the Brother’s Hall, a grand building owned by the Maxwells. Quite a nice location for a Gala I must add. I felt a bit underdressed on my way in.


Upon entering, a beautiful water fountain awaits you. I couldn’t resist throwing a penny inside. Everything seems so glamorous. It’s like going to a red carpet event.


Even the hall leading to the ballroom was elegant. I couldn’t help but get a few pics! Someday if I ever were to become a musician, I would love to perform here.


And I say this because of the lovely stage lying ahead of the dining tables. Everything is just so glamorous and chic. I was just so psyched to be there.


David Maxwell was the first to enter through the doors wearing a black tuxedo. He looked smashing, wearing a little smile. He was definitely dressed to kill.


Next came Erica and even I have to admit, she looked great. She was all smiles waving as if she was the queen of Queendale. Then again, she kind of is.


Adam looked amazing as he walked through the door, every bit as handsome as his father. He came in looking around, which made me wonder if he was expecting someone else to be there. At the time, I thought it was maybe his sister, but later I found out he was missing a certain brunette named Maria.


Claire entered soon after, walking in such a menacing fashion. It even gave me chills. She was literally dressed to kill. Who, I had no idea.


Soon the gala was in full swing. After a few introductions, everyone walked about socializing. One thing I didn’t realize is that the gala was supposed to be themed. Lucky for me, I wasn’t the only one who seemed to have forgotten the memo. But I must say, David’s mask did make him look pretty mysterious. Henrietta’s pink polka doted dress though, looked extremely out of place. She looked more like she was ready to go clubbing!


The night was filled with surprises though. Adam shocked everyone by playing a melody on his guitar, one I suspect he learned from Maria. He was met by a loud round of applause, everyone except Claire who was glaring at him. Something tells me she knows exactly who Adam learned that song from as well.


The rest of the Richmonds showed up an hour later. Damien and Derek came hurrying through the door a little after 8pm, Angel following close behind. I will say, Derek definitely pulls off his white tuxedo very nicely.


Derek and Angel hung at the bar talking to each other until Claire finally spotted them. She had been looking pretty gloomy the whole night, but it is amazing how her face changed when she spotted Derek. The girl has it bad for him.


Without hesitation, she made her way over to him and pulled him aside. I don’t know what she thought she was going to do, but I definitely could not miss it. She started off with the cheesy “You look great tonight,” line and was please when he said the same back to her. She did manage to make a joke and get him to laugh though. I will give her that.


He even agreed to share a dance with her! Very shocking! They seemed to be have a very good time. I have never seen Claire look so happy.


That all changed a second later when the ballroom door opened and in walked Evanglina! Believe me, I was stunned to see her as well. From what I know about Claire, she would definitely not give her an invitation. So what was she doing here?

Well, sorry, I got to cut this blog short, but this blogger has got some errands to attend to. More soon!





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