Year 2: Post 23: These Words From My Heart…

Hey Queendalers! Right again, the code is: rabbit. The codes have gotten simple again, so I will try to make them a bit more difficult. This post is going to be a little shorter, but you won’t believe what happened later at the park! Well onto it!

Screenshot-1900 (3)

So I spotted Kara, Evanglina and Sarah at the fashion store downtown picking prom dresses. I wasn’t expecting to see Evanglina with them since she was banned from seeing them, but I assumed that she probably snuck there.

Screenshot-1902 (3)

They all looked around the store for about an hour before Kara and Evanglina found dresses that were perfect for them. And I mean perfect. They are gorgeous, and you will see them next week!

Screenshot-1907 (3)

While they were trying on dresses, Evanglina tried on some of the outfits that were on clearance. Kara, however just stood watching. She seemed in a bit of a daze.

Screenshot-1910 (3)

Evanglina must have noticed, for she turned and straight up asked her if she was okay.

“Yah, I’m fine, I just don’t know if I should be going to prom.”

Evanglina gave her a look. “What, because you heard Paul is going with Angel? I heard a rumor that he wasn’t going with her anymore.”

“Yah, but I heard another one that he is going with someone else. It’s probably Charlotte. All the guys seem to be obsessed with her. Even Adam.”

Evanglina shook her head. “Don’t start. Maria is still furious about that whole situation.” (Well duh!)

Screenshot-1912 (3)

“I know, I was just saying.” Kara sighed. “I just wish…I don’t even know.”

Evanglina grinned. “I do. You wish you were going with Paul. I know you’re totally in love with him, Kara.”

Kara’s jaw dropped. “I am not!”

“Yes, you are! I can tell by the way you look at him and the way you talk about him. You are totally head over heels.”

Screenshot-1911 (3)

Kara rolled her eyes. “Whatever. By the way, where did you here that rumor about Paul?”

Evanglina shrugged. “I don’t know. I heard some girl talking about it in the hallway with one of her friends. She said something about reading about it on a blog, but I have no idea what she was talking about.”

Okay, very subtle you guys. Although I have to say, I’m a bit surprised that no one has figured it out up till now. I guess we will have to see what happens next.

Screenshot-1919 (3)

The three of them then headed upstairs to the café and ordered some lattes from the counter. As Kara went to stand in line, Sarah pulled Evanglina aside.

“Hey, I meant to ask you, how are things going at home?”

Evanglina lifted her shoulders. “Same as usual. Although my mom has been a lot angrier than usual.”

Sarah swallowed. “Oh. Well, are you okay?”

Evanglina sighed. “I guess. I’m graduating in a month so I can deal.”

“You shouldn’t have to deal with anything.”

Evanglina nodded. “I know, but it will be over soon.”

Screenshot-1917 (3)

Sarah smiled and pulled Evanglina into a hug. “I hope you know that if you ever need me, I’ll be right there for you.”

Evanglina squeezed her tighter. “I know, and thank you.”

After they all finish ordering and drinking their lattes, they all head down the stairs to the exit. Before going down, I spot Sarah pick Evanglina’s used latte cup and slip it into her purse. What could she need that for? Strange.

Screenshot-2025 (3)

When they arrive, Evanglina spots Maria getting a snow cone from one of the machines and walks over to her. Apparently, a charity fair was going on, so there were different booths lined around. Evanglina’s phone then rang and she answered it.

“I’m just taking a walk, I will be home soon,” she said sounding frustrated. “Goodbye, mom.” She then hanged up. That girl can never catch a break from her mother

Screenshot-2026 (3)

Evanglina and Maria hung out at the park for several hours, talking and spending time at different booths. Just before it started to get dark, Maria asked if Evanglina wanted to play on the guitar with her for a bit with some guitars she found near the park stage. Evanglina was nervous to use someone else’s equipment, but Maria managed to convinced her. “Live a little,” she said. I could say the same to her. She has been pretty moody since the whole Adam thing. Not that is isn’t to be expected.

Screenshot-2028 (3)

Soon the two of them are strumming along together in unison. I am shocked that Evanglina can play! I always knew Maria and even Kara had some skills, but Evanglina? That was a surprise to me.

Screenshot-2029 (3)

Kara stood by watching them for a bit and bobbing her head to the beat. For a second I think she is going to join them, but she remains where she was standing, by the sidelines.

Screenshot-2036 (3)

That is until Paul Nelson showed up. He seemed a little bit annoyed as he made his way over to Kara and when she spotted him, she tried to take off. Of course she didn’t get far because Paul blocked her exit, demanding to know what was going on.

“Kara, you’ve been avoiding me for the past three weeks,” he said. “What is going on? Did I do something?”

Kara shook her head slowly. “No. I’ve just been busy.”

Paul rolled his eyes. “Kara, don’t give me that. It’s just been me that you’re avoiding. Is this because of what happened with Emilie at Angel’s party? I talked to Angel about it. It’s solved.”

“So you’re not going to Prom with her?”

Paul shook his head. “No way. I’m going with Claire.”

Kara looked shocked. “Wow, that’s so much better.”


“Nevermind.” Kara tries to leave again, but Paul blocked her again.

“Kara, I’m not letting you leave until you tell me what I did. Please, what is it?”

Screenshot-2039 (3)

Then Kara did the craziest thing. She opened her mouth like she was going to say something, but instead, she just leaned over and kissed Paul! Yes, Queendalers! Right on the lips and in front of everyone at the park!

Screenshot-2041 (3)

When she pulled away, Paul is just stared at her with a dazed look on his face.

“Kara,” he started, but she quickly jumped in.

“I-I’m sorry. I-I’ve just have been having all these feelings a-and I don’t know…” She then swallowed nervously. “I…I think I might…love you.”

Screenshot-2045 (3)

Paul was clearly still in shock for he just kept staring at her with the same expression.

“Kara,” he said, again, but Kara couldn’t seem to stand all the tension.

“I’m sorry. I-I’m so sorry. I really shouldn’t have done that. And I shouldn’t have said that.” She then ran a hand through her hair looking extremely embarrassed and I can’t help but feel even worse for eavesdropping and recording. “I’m going to go. Please, just forget I said anything.” She then turns and runs out of the park as fast as she can.

Wow. Now I know Evanglina was encouraging her to tell Paul her feelings, but I don’t think she meant like that!

Well, that’s it for this week. Next weekend is finally prom and I am psyched to be able to report the event! I also invite any readers to find some juice if they can and send some pictures my way. In honor of the event, I will be posting 1-2 posts about it! So get excited and let’s dance the night away seniors!




(Code Clue: an auto body that is long, black or white, filled with many cushiony seats and glasses of cider and wine)







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