Post 3: The Richmonds


A few blocks down from the Maxwells large mansion, is the house of Richmond. It is a bit surprising that their house is so much smaller than the Maxwells. While it is true that the Maxwells are the richest family in the city, the Richmonds are a close second. Which makes it all the more surprising.

Although the Richmonds may not date back to the 1800s, they still have been living in town for the past ten years. They also own some of the businesses in town, one being the best restaurant in the city. I have been there many times, and the food is to die for. They also own the largest business complex in town. I heard that Mr. Richmond purchased it from David Maxwell himself.


Damien Richmond is top CEO of the Towers business complex. And unlike David Maxwell, Damien is very kind, and charming. I’ll tell you, when he walks by and smiles, I swear I see women swoon, and I am not trying to be cheesy. It’s totally true. I should also probably point out that he and Mr. Maxwell are very close friends. It’s surprising to me since Mr. Maxwell was also very close to Damien’s wife’s last husband. I guess his friends last depending on the moment?

Screenshot-168 (2)

Ah, Mrs. Richmond. Well Henrietta Richmond. The things I have to say about her. First of all, this is not her first marriage. She and Damien have been married for ten years, meaning that is how long he has lived here. Henrietta however, has been living here for years. Her maiden last name was Heights, but I’m sure it has been long forgotten. She moved here in the early 90’s with her then husband Greg Lison. They were divorced three years later when she met business tycoon Luke Wilson. He was very well known in the city. He and David were very close. Then of course, she got her eyes set on newcomer Damien Richmond. Younger, richer, and of course, extremely, charismatic. Luke didn’t stand a chance. They were divorced after only two years and she has been married to Damien ever since. I want to say third time’s the charm, but with Henrietta, you never know.


Daughter and best friend to Claire Maxwell, is Angelica Richmond. She is definitely the girl you never want to double cross. Unlike Claire, she is extremely straightforward and vicious. She will let no one stand in the way of what she wants. Normally, that would be a nice quality, but on her, it’s just scary. Teamed up with Claire, they make a dangerous duo. I will say that I do admire her connections. She seems to be in contact with some of the most famous stars in the entertainment business. I heard at her 16th birthday, new pop star singer Paula Deana, preformed. That was even before she became a big star! I would kill to be able to meet her.


Then of course, is Angel’s half-brother, Derek Richmond. They both share the same father, Damien. Apparently, Damien didn’t know Derek existed until his ex-wife left him on his and Henrietta’s doorstep one day. Okay, that part is definitely a rumor, but the rest is true. Damien found out about Derek later, around the time that he and Henrietta got together. He is only nine and a half months older than Angel (Angel always points this out. I don’t know what she is trying to prove), same as Adam and Claire. I have to say, he is nothing like Angel. He is extremely kind and thoughtful, that it makes no sense that he is friends with Adam. Maybe it’s the fact that they are both into sports. I know it drives Angel crazy though. You can always hear her going on about how he needs to stick with people that are in his class and such. Whatever, get a life Angel.

Well I guess that concludes the Richmonds. If there is anything else you need to know, you can be sure Lexie will get you the scoop. Up next, some info on the other two families, the Hendersons and Nelsons.





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