Post 7: The Marsens

Ah, it looks like I have gained a few Queendale followers. Not many, but that is fine with me. Thank you for reading. I will do my best to keep you informed. Also, if you spot anything around Queendale that you think I missed, feel free to message me. Now for my new info.

So after a couple weeks of digging and some observing (I prefer to call it that instead of spying) I have gathered some info on the new family moving in. They are the Marsens.


I got a pic of them heading into their house a day after they moved in. From what I’ve seen, they are quite an unusual family. Two sisters living together with their daughters and one sister’s boyfriend. Very interesting.


So, first there is the older sister, Sarah Marsen. She is from what I have seen, good-natured and very kind. It looks like she got a job as a nurse at Queendale General Hospital. Her daughter’s name is Kara.


Kara Marsen is sixteen years old. She just enrolled as a junior at Queendale High. She seems like a very quiet person, much like Emilie. So far, I have only really seen her walking the halls with her cousin, but I did happen to catch her with Maria and Emilie this past week.


Her cousin, Evanglina Marsen, on the other hand, is a little more outgoing. Since they moved in a couple weeks ago, I have seen her out and about, exploring the city. It’s good this blogger is stealthy or she might have seen my by now. She is the same age as Kara and is enrolled as a junior at Queendale High as well. She also happens to be the same girl Derek was talking about at the club that night. Speaking of which, I have been seeing quite a bit of the two of them together, walking down the school halls and even on the street sidewalks after school. Could there be something going on with them? If so, she had better watch out! Claire will most definitely be on the warpath, Angel too. She is quite protective of her brother him, even though he is “nine and a half” months older.


Not to be missed, is her mother Henria Marsen. She is unlike any mother I have ever seen. She drives a motorcycle and hangs at almost every bar in town. Within a week, she got a job as a bartender at Eugi’s Pub.


Eugi’s Pub is a bar at the end of Edgehill Street. It is fairly new, for it has only been there for about three or five years. I have always thought that it was a bit strange that they decided to build a bar right in a neighborhood. Well, to the contrary, it does get a lot of business.

Anyways, Henria has been working there for the past week and from the looks of it, is doing pretty well. She also seems to be looking for other gigs in town.


Last of all, is Jake Rivers, Henria’s boyfriend. He is your typical bum boyfriend. Sorry to be harsh, but it’s the truth. He hangs around the house and only ever goes out to bars, mostly the ones Henria moonlights at. Other than that, he is always at home. Many times this week, I have seen him tossing beer bottles into the yard before heading inside. I have also heard Evanglina mention to Kara how much he irritates her. Apparently, she desperately wants her mother to leave him, but she refuses to. For some reason she clings to him and Evanglina doesn’t know why. This blogger wonders why too. But I am sure I will get the scoop soon enough.

Screenshot-296 (2)

From the outside, they do seem like a cute couple, but I guess we don’t know exactly what is going on between them. Apart from his bum-like behavior, there doesn’t seem to be anything really wrong with him, but I guess I will have to wait and see. I shall investigate him further.


And one thing I couldn’t help but add before parting, there seems to be something going on between Adam Maxwell and…Maria Henderson. They have been spending a lot of time together since they were assigned to be partners for a science project last week. Since then, I spotted them downtown at the park just a few days ago, totally flirting with each other! Could there be a romance blossoming between these too? And what will Claire and Angel think? Stay tuned!





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