Year 2: Post 2: Drama Exchange

Hey Queendalers! So if you are reading this post right now, it means that you guessed the passcode: pillow! Congrats! It wasn’t so bad was it? I will try and think of a more clever one this time around ;). Now onto the news!


So as I said last week, Queendale High is expected to be the home to two foreign exchange students from London, UK. Well, they have arrived, Claude and Charlotte Beaumont. They are actually brother and sister and also…fraternal twins! Originally from Paris, France, they moved to London seven years ago. They are the children of Pierre and Vanessa Beaumont, a wealth couple who I recently learned are actually friends of David and Erica. So I have a feeling Charlotte and Claude staying with the Maxwells is no accident. Connections anyone?


From what I have seen so far, Claude seems like a pretty decent guy. He is well put together, very polite and quite charming if I must say so myself. And as you can imagine, I have already notice many girls giggling and swooning over his accent. Tisk, tisk.


His sister Charlotte on the other hand, is a bit harder to read. She has only been here a week and already she is rising quickly up the social ladder (no surprise there). On the surface, she seems very sweet and charismatic, but I can’t help but wonder if there is another side to her. I don’t know, but I just get a weird vibe. I will definitely keep you posted.


And as you can imagine, Claire isn’t too happy about Charlotte’s new popularity status. With Charlotte becoming more known, she is definitely giving Claire and Angel a run for their money. Better watch out! This girl might just wipe the floor with the two of you!


In other news, guess who paid another visit to the Richmond house Friday afternoon? Yup! You guessed it, Luke Wilson! He waited in his car for a few minutes (probably to make sure the coast was clear) before making his way up the sidewalk to the house.


After a minute, the door opened and Henrietta emerged from inside. Contrary to some of her other visits, she looked a little bit uncomfortable.


“Luke, what are you doing here?” Her voice sounded a little strained. “I told you that you need to stop coming here. Whatever was going on between us is over. It has to be.”


“And why is that?” Luke asks. “And don’t tell me it’s because you still love him.”

“But I do-”

“We were together long before he came along.”

“But that doesn’t change the way I-”


And before Henrietta is able to get another word in, he plants one on her. No, I’m serious! Right by the door across from the street, where anyone (including me) can see them! Henrietta tries to protest, but it takes only seconds for her to get swept up in it. They stand kissing like that for a minute before Henrietta pushes him away.


“Luke, I-I can’t do this. I’m sorry. We are done, and you need to stop coming over.”

I wonder if she even believes what she is saying.

Luke raises an eyebrow. “You’re serious?”

“Yes! I-I love Damiem and I-I am going to stay with him. We have a family together and I-I am not going to ruin it for this. I-I’m sorry, but this has to be over. Now.”


Luke stares at her quietly for a moment and then he nods his head. “Oh I see what’s going on here,” he says. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before for. You’re afraid.”

Henrietta nods. “Yes I’m afraid! I don’t want my family to fall apart-”

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about.”

Henrietta looks puzzled. “I don’t follow.”

“This isn’t about your so-called “love” for Damien. It’s about his finances.” Luke shakes his head. “You’re scared that if Damien finds out and can prove that you married him under false pretenses or are divorcing him with malice intentions, you can lose your right to your alimony.”


Henrietta looked totally taken a back, and I can see on her face that what he said is totally true.

“W-what?” she stammered. “Where would you g-get a ridiculous idea like that?”

“Because I know you, Henrietta. I know you too well. You are scared that Damien will be able to prove the affair between us and use it to leave you with nothing. It doesn’t help the fact that Angel isn’t his daughter.”


I am completely stunned. Did he just say what I think he just said?

I’m not the only one in shock.

“What?!” Henrietta said, looking completely thrown.

“I know she is my daughter, Henrietta,” Luke said firmly. “You can deny it all you want, but I know the truth.”

“You certainly do not!” Henrietta snapped. “Angel is Damien’s daughter! I thought you had agreed to stop these ridiculous accusations!”

“They are not accusations! They are the truth! I mean, look at her! She doesn’t even have the same hair color as him or any resemblance whatsoever.”

“That doesn’t mean that-”

“Yes it does!”


They both just stand looking at each other furiously. It is funny to even think just a couple minutes ago they were kissing. Now they looked like they wanted to murder each other!

“I want a paternity test done, Henrietta.” Luke said finally.

Henrietta scoffed. “Over my dead body.”

“Well you don’t have a choice. I’m going to put an order in for it, and if you don’t comply, Damien just might find out the truth about us.”

Henrietta’s mouth drops, as does mine. “Are you threatening me?”

“I call it giving you a choice. You can either tell Damien yourself, or I will.” With that he turned and started walking away.

“I won’t let you destroy my family!” Henrietta called after him, to which he replied:

“And I won’t let you keep me from my daughter.”

And with that, he hopped into his car and then drove off.

Even now, I can’t help but be more stunned. So the truth is finally out! There is a very good chance that Luke Wilson could be Angel Richmond’s real father! Well how is that for a twist! That would mean that Henrietta had lied to Damien about it for seventeen years! As if the affair she had had with Luke Wilson wasn’t enough! So will Henrietta tell Damien the truth? And will she allow Luke to file for the paternity test? Stay tuned!



(Code Clue: It lies within a frame, always to stay the same)



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