Post 27: Party At The Henderson’s!

Hey Queendalers! Summer is almost upon us! Just a few more weeks and we can say goodbye to schoolwork and tests, and hello to the beach, swimming and fun!  And some people have gotten a bit of head start on that…


Maria Henderson threw an awesome party while her parents were out. I even spotted Angel heading into Maria’s house, though I am pretty sure she came because Adam was going to be there. Go figure.


Not that Adam paid any attention to her. He was having too much fun with Maria to notice. Maria’s little sister Josephina was even there, though a bit focused on writing in her notebook. Really? Homework at a party? The girl has got to get out more.


Evanglina and Derek showed up a little later, sneaking in through the back. I feel that it might have had something to do with Angel’s appearance. Since the night Evanglina had dinner at the Richmond’s, apparently Henrietta had been giving Derek a hard time about dating Evanglina. It probably didn’t help that Angel kept feeding her lies. Ugh.


But that didn’t stop them from spending time together at the party. I caught them hiding out in Maria’s storage room making out. They are slowly becoming Queendale’s own Romeo and Juliet.


Other than that, everyone seemed to be having a good time. Maria was really strict about what was allowed in (mainly not alcohol) for she didn’t want her party to end up the way Evanglina’s did. Even without the sneaked in beers, everyone seemed to be having fun. I caught Josephina and Augusta grooving to some awesome tunes, not to mention the glow lights someone placed around the room, giving it a magenta glow.


Even Emilie looked like she was having fun. For someone who was going through a lot, she seemed to be having a blast dancing with Robbie Platt. Robbie again! That guy was probably going to be voted most random guest.


Meanwhile Adam and Maria were having a little private party in the kitchen. Looks like they are back on track too! I’m sure Angel wants to claw her eyes out. With everything she and Claire have done to break them up, they are still stronger than ever!


For the most part, the party went well. There was no drama, fights, break ups or anything. It was really a drama-free party.


That is until the front doors opened and in came Juanita and Fredrick! I swear, everyone at the party froze like in the movies. Even Maria looked stunned. Her parents weren’t supposed to be back until Sunday, and it was only Friday night. Things were not going to end well.


As Juanita yelled at Maria in Spanish at the top of her lungs, everyone at the party scattered. I sure don’t want to be her! She looked terrified and who can blame her? Juanita is pretty scary when she is mad.


Strange enough, I spotted Jake going though someone’s trash can later that night. It was an odd sight, especially the way Jake kept looking over his shoulder. It was clear that he was up to something. He pulled a few files from the trash and then took off down the sidewalk. Now what was he doing looking for files in someone’s garbage? I guess we will have to wait and see.


In other news, Sarah finally broke the engagement news to Evanglina. After the wedding, she and Kara would be moving with Ricky. While Evanglina looked happy for her, there seemed to be a little bit of sadness in her eyes. I’m starting to think that she views Sarah as more of a mom than her own mother! More soon!





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