Post 5: The Nelsons


At the end of Meldon Road, is the friendliest family you will ever meet, the Nelsons. I am very serious when I say this. They are like a family out of a greeting card. The four of them are all super close and spend every weekend doing something together. Camping in the woods, going to the movies, visiting relatives, they are like your perfect American family. I have yet to see a time when they are not all looking happy together. Still, it does make you wonder what goes on behind closed doors.


First, there is Brian Nelson, dad of the year. Well, next to Fredrick of course. He is the perfect go to guy if ever you have a problem, and from what I have heard, a very good listener. He devotes a lot of time to his wife and children. He and Fredrick Henderson are very close friends.


He and his wife Marian, have been together for ever. No seriously. They were apparently high school sweethearts. They met in their sophomore year and have been together ever since. They graduated together, went to the same college and then afterwards, got married and settled down. It’s like a fairy tale. Marian works as one of the receptionists in the Towers office building. She is very kind, but pretty introverted. She never really goes out into town, unless accompanied with Brian or Juanita. She and her are very close friends.


Then there are their kids Paul and Emilie. It’s funny, if you didn’t know it, you would think that they were twins. They look so much alike, but the truth is, Paul is one year older than Emilie. He is a junior at Queendale High, not that it really matters for me to say that. Emilie is a junior as well. She skipped a grade way back in elementary school and has been in the same grade with him ever since. You’d think it would bother him, but it really doesn’t. Probably because he is too occupied with his social life to worry about it, being friends with Adam Maxwell and Derek Richmond. Paul is really into sports just like the two of them, but he likes a variety. He’s been on the football, soccer, tennis, basketball, and track teams, some having to be on various years. Currently, he is really into track and soccer. With the winter and spring sport seasons coming up, I’m sure we can expect some excellent plays from him.


Emilie on the other hand is more into homework, if you know what I mean. That girl would spend all day studying if she didn’t have her friend Maria, dragging her to functions. Maybe there is a reason why they are best friends, not to make fun of her intelligence or anything. Personally, I wish I were as smart as she is. That girl is going places.

Well I guess that’s it. You now know all the background history about all the families I follow. Anything else I left out, will come in due time. So far, there hasn’t been much going on. It is Mid-September after all. But be assured, more will be coming very soon!





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