Post 22: Party On!

So, word around the street is that Evanglina Marsen threw a party while her mother, Jake and Sarah were out of town (Sarah had gone away with Ricky secretively)! Okay, well, it was supposed to be a gathering, but you know that once you start inviting people, they tell other people and they tell more people. Pretty soon, a simple gathering becomes an awesome party! Well, as great as it can be. And you can be sure this blogger was able to sneak in and get some dirt for you!


I honestly think Evanglina was a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. She seemed a bit out of place as people started coming in. She looked relieved when she spotted Adam come in. He was supposed to have come with Maria, but apparently, she was still a little put off by the video of her circling around, to make a public appearance.


But you could totally tell that her party was for everyone. Evanglina let everyone including, people Angel or Claire wouldn’t dream of letting into a party. I spotted junior Robbie Platt from the chess club, dancing with sophomore, Abigail Best. Weird pairing, but hey, they seemed to be having a good time.


The person who surprised me the most by showing up was Emilie. She never went to any parties! And while I know she is friends with Evanglina, she still knew it was a party before she came in. But yet, here she was. She looked a bit out of place, but after standing by herself for a while, she moved toward the stereo area and started to dance.


It was a while before I spotted Derek Richmond come in. He and Augusta Wood, took a break from the party to munch on some food from Evanglina’s fridge. In the background things were getting pretty rowdy and even Evanglina was getting a little overwhelmed.


After he finished eating, Derek whisked Evanglina into an abandoned corner and they started to dance. For once since the party started, I saw a smile on Evanglina’s face.


Kara on the other hand seemed in the zone. She danced with mostly everyone that night, including Adam. If he wasn’t so into Maria, I would say that she might have some competition. They definitely were grooving together quite nicely!


At some point, Evanglina and Derek disappeared from the room and I couldn’t help but wonder where they had disappeared too. Still the party raged on and it wasn’t until I passed by the bathroom and heard some hushed whispers and laughing that I realized that they were in there. Apparently, the noise from the party was too much for them. Well I can’t blame them. Someone did turn up the dial on the radio.


I happened to get a pick of them through the door though, without them noticing. Seems like things were getting really steamy up in there. *insert sizzling sound affect here*


Then who should make an appearance at the party, but Angel Richmond! What was she doing at a party like this?

I got my answer soon later when I saw her lurking around the bathroom. She pressed her ear to the door listening and then suddenly opened the door a crack, lifting her phone to snap a photo. What could she want with a photo of Derek and Evanglina making out?


Suddenly, Angel is whipped back around, and you won’t believe who did it.

“Delete it Angel,” says Emilie.

Angel looks at her in disgust. “Don’t tell me what to do. It’s none of your business.”

“Neither is it yours,” Emilie snaps. “Now delete it.”

Angel scoffs. “Why do you care? It’s just a picture.”

“Because I know nothing good can come of you using it. Now delete it Angel.”

I am so stunned by what’s happening. Was Emilie really standing up to Angel? I can see her hands are shaking, but she wasn’t backing down.

Angel smirks. “Make me.”


Before Angel can react, Emilie snatches her phone out from her hand and tosses it into the nearest glass of liquid. Angel’s jaw drops, as does mine. Emilie was going to get it, and boy does she.

“You bitch!” Angel screams, and she tackles Emilie to the ground. Everyone moves out of the way, as they roll along the floor. There is so much commotion that even Derek and Evanglina come running out of the bathroom. Angel has Emilie by the hair and pulling with all her might. It is quite a sight. Emilie is shrieking as she tries to push Angel off, and Angel looks like she wants to kill her. Finally, Paul appears out of nowhere and is able to pull them apart.


“You are going to pay for that,” Angel says as she retrieves her phone from the soda-filled cup. “Watch your back!”

Emilie has a bruise under her eye, but she says nothing as Angel storms off. I still can’t believe that Emilie got into a fight with Angel. Just wait until the break is over. This is going to be the talk of Queendale high! I am a bit worried for Emilie though. Angel will most likely make good on her threat to her. Still, what could have made Emilie behave that way?


Things wind down after the fight. People start heading out the door including Emilie and Paul. Kara catches up with him before he leaves and they chat for a bit. They seem pretty chummy which makes me wonder if they have hung out before. Kara agrees to meet up with him sometime that week for a movie, which makes me think they definitely have. I had originally thought he was dating Abigail Best, but I overheard her friends Josephina and Augusta say that they might be breaking up. It seemed that Paul had been acting differently lately and Abigail was having problems dealing with it. Well if only she knew the truth, for I’m pretty sure his father’s infidelity has something to do with it.


A couple hours later, we get a tip that someone called the cops, so, everyone scatters. Whether Angel wants to admit it or not, Evanglina threw a good party, one I’m sure people are going to be talking about for a while.


Lastly, on my way home, I spotted David Maxwell working out at the gym. On his way out, he pulled out his phone to answer a call, and then stopped in his tracks. His face went from calm to serious in a manner of seconds. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation…

“Are you sure?” he was saying, and then sighed. “All right. I want you to keep an eye on her. If you find out anything more about this, you report directly to me. Got it? Good.” He then hung up the phone and headed out the gym doors.  Clearly, he was talking about Erica. But what was he referring to? Did he know the truth about Erica’s affair?  Or could it be something else? I’ll keep you posted!





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