Post 21: Spring Break!

Spring Break is finally here! All the teens of Queendale high and Roger Heights Middle School are out for a week, catching waves at the beach, hanging at the spring fair or catching the newest flick at the theater (some action flick about teens with superpowers). Fun times, and I can’t wait to join in, that is after I share some juicy news about our family man, Brian Nelson.


So, it was obvious to me that Paul hadn’t said a word to his mother about what he had seen a few weeks ago, because Brian once again, met up with Erica at the Marmalade Inn. Only this time he looked more nervous than he did the last time. After spending some time dancing with Erica in the ballroom, he suddenly pulls away from her.


“I’m sorry Erica, but I-I don’t think I can do this anymore,” he says.

Erica sighs. “Brian, we’ve talked about this-”

“I know,” Brian sighs. “It’s just, I-I talked to Marian the other night. We both agreed to start marriage counseling.”


Erica looks confused. “But what does that have to do with us?”

“Erica, Marian wants us to work through our problem and I…I want that too.”

Erica is quiet for a minute. “So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying we need to stop this, whatever this is. I love my wife and my kids, and I don’t want to lose them. So I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.”


Erica looks away from him. “So am I,” she says.

Brian sighs. “I should go.” For a second, I actually think that is the end of it. That this whole thing has finally come to an end.

But then, Erica clears her throat. “No. I think it is in your best interest to stay.”


Brian turns to her and frowns. “What?”

Erica looks at him, a smirk slowly spreading across her face. I feel chills on the back of my spine. Clearly she was up to something.

“Wouldn’t it be awful if your wife were to uncover the truth about us?”

Brian looks confused. “What?”

“If she was just checking the mail or her e-mail perhaps, and she just happened to see photos of the two of us together? Wrapped in each other’s arms? What do you think she’ll think of that?”

Brian’s eyebrows furrow. “Erica, what are you saying?”


Erica moves in closer to him. “I think you know Brian, but I’ll be very clear. I have plenty of evidence of our affair, and I have no problem sending copies to Marian. I’m sure she’d love to know her husband’s extra-curricular activities.”

“How could yo-”

“How could I? How could you? Did you really think you’d get involved with me and then just throw me away? Big mistake. We aren’t over until I say we are. Got it?”

Brian stares at her with a mixture of shock, anger, and amusement. He then nods slowly.

Erica smiles. “Good.”


Erica then pulls Brian toward her into a hug. “Now, I’m going upstairs to our room. I’ll see you up there.” Then with a kiss on his cheek, she turns and leaves the ballroom.


After Erica leaves, Brian stands still for a few minutes in the silence of the ballroom. Even I am surprised. While I know that Erica is extremely vindictive, I had no idea she would go that far to keep an affair going. And didn’t she have just as much to lose? I mean, what if David found out? Was she really that confident that he would forgive her? Because if I know anything about David, he is no push over. But apparently for the moment, Brian Nelson most definitely was.





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