Year 2: Post 33: Kisses, Lexie Wright

Hey my Queendalers! If you guessed “summer”, you guessed right! Summer is official here my friends! Sun, heat and more! I can’t think of a fitting way to end my blog and for a treat, I have a long post for you!

Screenshot-3329 (2)

So to start things off, the summer festival is back in town! The two Henderson sisters were spotted there Thursday, having some summer fun.

Screenshot-3342 (2)

Maria initiated a water balloon fight, and soon the two sisters were tossing balloons back and forth. What an arm that Maria has! Josephina was losing badly, being pummeled with them. Maria definitely should have considered doing softball.

Screenshot-3351 (2)

But soon Josephina was holding her own! After a few minutes, Josephina started tossing some back and managed to hit Maria with quite a few. Go Josephina!

Screenshot-3355 (2)

They both then took a break and decided to whirl around the roller-skating ring. I have to say, I love the skates for the rink! They are the old school four wheelers; totally retro! The Henderson sisters were totally rocking them with style!

Screenshot-3368 (2)

Later that afternoon, they started playing a game of soccer and I was amazed by Maria’s skill of being a goalie. She caught every ball Josephina kicked to her, even leaping on the floor to intercept one that almost went out of bounds. Very impressive! I can’t help but wonder why she never tried out for sports. She could have given some of the guys a run for their money.

Screenshot-3374 (2)

Josephina on the other hand, not so much. Though she did make a gallant effort trying to imitate her sister’s dives to catch the ball. Keep trying Josephina!

After the game, the girls headed home and Maria celebrated a glorious victory. Show off!

Screenshot-2813 (3)

Friday afternoon, I spotted Adam, Paul, Evanglina, Emilie, Maria and Kara heading off to the movies. There is a new action flick called “Infinity,” that is out and it seems to be all the rave. I hear it is supposed to be a trilogy taking place 100 years into the future. I’m not really that into Syfi’s but this movie just might change my mind!

Screenshot-2820 (3)

After the flick had finished, they all headed over to the Flyhouse Coffeehouse for a late-night dinner. That restaurant has the most amazing burgers. I haven’t been there in almost three months and am having total withdrawal. I need one pronto.

Screenshot-2821 (3)

While there, Evanglina and Kara decided to have a little fun strumming on their guitars. Maria joined in soon after and soon Evarie was having another performance with Kara included. Could their band now be becoming Evariera?

Screenshot-2911 (3)

Later after leaving the Flyhouse Coffeehouse, Maria headed over to the beach to meet up with Josephina. She then slipped into her bathing suit and she and Josephina started up the fire pit and took seats at it. Josephina immediately started roasting marshmallows. You could tell Adam had wanted to talk to her before she left, but Maria managed to sneak away without him seeing her.

Screenshot-2916 (3)

Maria joined in too and soon the both of them were munching on marshmallows.

“So,” Josephina said then, “you excited for the visit to San Marino?”

Maria shrugged. “I guess. It has been a while since we’ve gone. Will be nice to see grandma and grandpa again.”

“You said it.” Josephina took another bite. “I’ll bet they will be psyched to hear about you going to Bridgeport.”

“And yours to NYU. I’m so proud of you. You know, I’ll only be a couple hours away from you.” Ah! Looks like Maria has made her school decision!

“Hey, I may be a year younger, but I’m not a little kid.”

Screenshot-2920 (2)

Maria laughed. “I don’t think you are. I just meant that if you ever want to hang out or need someone to talk to, I’m there.”

Josephina smiled. “Same here.” She then sighed. “Will be nice to get away, huh?”

“Totally. I could use a break.”

“A break from Adam?” When Maria got quiet, Josephina gave her a look. “I know you’ve been avoiding him.”

“I have not.”

“Yes, you have.”

Screenshot-2917 (3)

“Maria, Adam has been hounding everybody else because he wants so badly to talk to you! Now, I’m not saying you should forgive him for the thing with Charlotte, but I do think you should talk to him.”

Maria bit her lip. “I know, I know. It’s just, whenever I talk to him, I just forget everything when he gives me that look.”

Screenshot-2921 (2)

Josephina frowned. “What look?”

“That look a guy gives you when he…I don’t know…wants you so badly? I can just feel it.”

“But, isn’t that a good thing?”

Maria shrugged again. “It should be. It really should be, but it’s just…I don’t know.”

“Whatever the case, you need to talk to him, Maria. Even if just for your sake. It will give you closure.”

Maria nodded and then rose from her chair. “When you’re right, your right,” she said, and then she walked down the sand, with Josephina following close behind.

Screenshot-2831 (3)

And she does. The next evening, she called up Adam and asked him to meet her at the beach.

She was there for almost twenty minutes before Adam finally showed up. You could hear the sound of the seagulls crying overhead and the waves lapping upon the shore.

Screenshot-2833 (3)

Even when Adam approached her, Maria stood in silence for a minute before actually speaking to him. She must have been rehearsing words in her head.

Screenshot-2838 (3)

Thanks for coming, Adam,” she said.

Adam nodded. “Of course.”

“I’m sorry that I haven’t talked to you until now. I guess I’ve just been trying to figure out what to say. So much has happened.”

“I know, and I know it’s because of me. I made a mistake, Maria, and I know that I have to make it right. I just want you to give me a chance to.”

Screenshot-2839 (3)

“I know you want to Adam, but it’s just not that simple.”

“But it can be if you just-”

“Adam, please! Just listen, okay?”

After she said this, Adam got quiet. Maria then took a deep breath.

“I’ve been juggling my feelings ever since this whole thing started. I can’t tell you how confused I’ve been. I want so badly to forgive you, but I’m still so angry about what happened.” She then paused for a moment. “Adam, when I saw you and Charlotte in that bathroom, it broke my heart. I can’t tell you how much it hurt, and I’ve been trying ever since to forget it.”

“The problem is, I can’t. I still see the two of you in my head and sometimes I wonder if there were other times that it could have happened-”

“Maria,” Adam interrupted, “it was only that one time.”

“My head knows that, but my heart still doesn’t.” Maria sighed. “Adam…I-I just don’t trust you, and I can’t be with someone I don’t trust.”

Screenshot-2844 (3)

Adam took Maria’s hands into his. “What can I do to change that?”

“I don’t think there is anything you can do. At least not right now. I have to figure out how to trust you again, and that isn’t going to happen overnight or anytime soon.”

Adam nodded. “I understand, but I still want to do something. I miss being with you.”

Maria gave his hands a squeeze. Her eyes looked like they were beginning to water. “I know, and I miss you too, but honestly, I don’t think I’m ready to be in a relationship with anyone. I need time to figure things out. To figure myself out, and maybe learn to trust you again.”

Screenshot-2846 (3)

Adam let her hand go. “I can try to do that for you.”

“Thank you.”

“Josephina told me that you got accepted into Bridgeport U and Cleveland University. Congratulations. You decided on which one?”

“I think I’m going to choose Bridgeport. They have an amazing music program.” Maria gave Adam a playful shove. “What about you? I heard you got into Duke, which is pretty amazing.”

Adam shrugged. “I guess. I did get into Bridgeport too, though.”

“I know, but Duke is a big deal. You’ve been wanting to go there since forever. I think you should really consider it.”


They both then got quiet.

“I should go. My mom, Josephina and I have a flight out to San Mario tomorrow.”

Adam looked surprised. “Really? How long will you be gone?”

“I’m not sure, but probably most of the summer.”

Screenshot-2847 (3)

They both then stood in silence and for a moment I thought that Maria was about to leave, when Adam pulled her into a hug.

“I’m going to miss you,” he said.

Maria hugged him back. “I’ll miss you too.”

They both then stood in silence and for a moment I thought that Maria was about to leave, when Adam pulled her into a hug.

“I’m going to miss you,” he said.

Maria hugged him back. “I’ll miss you too.”

Screenshot-2853 (3)

Then before she could stop him, Adam leaned down and kissed her! Maria tried to resist by pushing him away, but within seconds she caved and started kissing him back! I’m totally serious! They both then started making out fiercely, almost hungry, like they hadn’t before!

Screenshot-2854 (3)

Maria then finally pulled away from him a little.

“Adam,” she said, her voice was barely a whisper and completely breathless, “we should stop.”

“But I don’t want to stop,” he said back, and then he kissed her again.

Screenshot-2852 (3)

They both then started kissing again with the same force and speed as before, and I must tell you, if they had been anywhere else but here, I just know it could have possibly turned into something else. And I know you know what I mean. With the way they were kissing and pulling at each other with such, well, passion, it was a wonder to me that it wasn’t already happening. After all, the beach was pretty peaceful and there wasn’t a single person in sight…(well, almost no one)

Screenshot-2851 (3)

But alas, Maria pulled away once again.

“Adam, we can’t,” she said.

“Maria please-”

“No, we can’t.”

“Maria, I love-”

“Don’t. Please don’t say it.”

“I love you-”


Maria sounded like she was on the verge of tears. “Just stop, please. I can’t.”

Screenshot-2856 (3)

She then took off down the beach, leaving Adam by the shore. Though she may not want to admit it, she wasn’t over Adam. Not by a long shot.

Screenshot-3429 (2)

Last but not least, Evanglina and Henria finally had the talk that Ricky had been pushing her to have with her.

Sunday afternoon, I spotted Henria making her way over to the Emersons house. She looked incredibly nervous, as she should be.

I should point out that she and Jake have hit a major road bump. It would appear that one of his drug shipments was busted and unlucky for him, Jake happened to be around the scene. So now he is in the station being questioned and the police are not about to let him out anytime soon. Will that help with her conversation with Evanglina? I guess you will have to read on to find out!

Screenshot-3431 (2)

After a few knocks on the door and ringing the doorbell twice, the front door opened and out came Evanglina. She looked very calm, almost like she had been practicing beforehand.

Screenshot-3432 (2)

Henria greeted her quickly and Evanglina did the same. You could tell that Henria wanted desperately to hug her, but it was obvious that Evanglina was not going to allow it.

“So, h-how have you been doing?” Henria asked.

“Fine.” said Evanglina. “Very good actually.”

“I-I hear you got into Bridgeport U. That’s wonderful.”

“Thank you.”

The conversation started out very bland, so I had no idea where it was going.

Screenshot-3440 (2)

“I-I’ve been doing better too,” Henria then said. “I’ve been seeing someone to help me with some problems I have. It’s been helping a lot.”

Evanglina nodded. “That’s great.”

“Also, Jake is no longer living in the house.”

“I know. I heard on the news that he was involved with some illegal drug shipments.”

“It’s true.” Henria lifted her hands up. “I couldn’t believe it. You were right about him. I never thought he was capable of those things. At least he’s out of my life now.”

Evanglina nodded again. “That’s good for you.”

“Yes, it is.”

Screenshot-3442 (2)

“So,” Henria perked up a little, “I was thinking that maybe if you came back with me, we could talk things over and get back to where we-”

“Whoa, whoa,” Evanglina shook her head, “what do you mean “come back with you? I’m not coming back with you.”

Henria looked surprised. “You’re not?”

“No, of course not! What made you think that?”

“Well you called and asked me to come over, so I thought that meant you wanted to-”

“No, it doesn’t,” Evanglina interrupted. “I called you here because I wanted to talk to you. Just talk. I have no intention of going back to live with you.”

Screenshot-3457 (2)

“I didn’t keep you from him! He walked out on us!”

Evanglina frowned. “How could he have walked out on us? He didn’t even know I existed!”

Henria rolled her eyes. “You just don’t get it.”

“What I get is, you were mad at Ricky because he left you for Auntie Sarah and when you found out you were pregnant with me, you kept me from him to punish him!”

“Oh really?” Henria looked furious. “Did your precious Auntie Sarah tell you that?”

“No, it’s obvious! You’ve never once even apologized to him or to me from keeping us from each other!”

“Because we didn’t need him!”

“I did!”

Screenshot-3459 (2)

Henria looked a bit taken aback when she said that, giving Evanglina a chance to talk.

“I always used to somehow feel empty without a dad around. I wanted someone else I could depend on. You say I had you, but I really didn’t! You spent all your time working at those bars and dropping me off at friend’s houses or leaving me home with your boyfriends. Some of them were total creeps and made passes at me, but whenever I told you, you never believed me. It was only when you moved in with Auntie Sarah, that I finally felt like I had a mom. She was always there when I needed her and she supported me. That’s why I was so mad when you threw her out.” Evanglina paused to take a breath. “Then when she and Kara left, you became worse. You let Jake become more of a part of our lives! A man that was involved with illegal drug shipments! You let him into our lives!” Evanglina then clenched her fists. “He was beating me, insulting me and threating me, but whenever I told you about it, you said I was lying!”


“I had bruises mom!” Evanglina shouts. “I had bruises, but you still didn’t believe me. You stood there and watched him beat me up in front of you, and you did nothing to help me! You just watched as he hit me over and over again, and then you let him drag me up those stairs and lock me in my room for almost a whole week!”

Screenshot-3462 (2)

Henria just stood looking at her completely dumbfounded. “I-I um, I don’t know what to say.” Seriously, what could she have said? Everything Evanglina said was true! What excuse could she have possibly given? Nothing!

“There is nothing you can say,” Evanglina then remarked. “It’s what you did, and I hate you for it. I am filled with so much anger towards you right now. That’s why I can’t come home with you.”

“Evanglina,” Henria’s voice sounded weak, “I miss you.”

Evanglina took a deep breath. “Well, I’m sorry, but I’m staying with Ricky. We’ve lost so much time together because of everything and I think this is where I need to be right now. I’m glad that you’re seeing someone who is helping you and that you’ve finally let Jake leave, but I’m staying here. I’m sorry.”

Screenshot-3466 (2)

“Goodbye mother,” Evanglina then said, and she walked back up the pathway to the front door.

Screenshot-3468 (2)

Henria just stood staring after her in silence. I think she finally understood what Evanglina has been going through. As much as I think she is the worst mother ever, I think there may be some hope for her yet. If the look of regret and remorse on her face was any indication. Maybe through her “help” she will become a better mother to Evanglina. Only time will tell.

Screenshot-3317 (2)

Unfortunately, it will not be Lexie who will be figuring that out for you, being my last post and all. I still can’t believe that this is my final one. It feels like just yesterday I was introducing myself and beginning my first post. Now two years later, I am writing my final one and it feels so strange.

I hope that you have enjoyed all my news and juicy gossip about Queendale. It’s strange how many secrets are hidden behind closed doors. The Maxwells, the Richmonds, the Nelsons, the Hendersons, and even the Marsens. So many secrets that one would never guess was there.

Screenshot-3391 (2)

Also, thank you to all my readers for keeping my blog and identity a secret. I still question myself all the time about how this blog was never discovered by those that I wrote about. You Queendalers are very loyal followers, but alas, I must take my leave and set down my pen. Shall another decide to retrieve it and start again, please do so. Be my guest, for Lexie Wright is now moving onto new things and must leave Queendale behind.

Screenshot-3392 (2)

Thank you all again for being great followers and I hope to one day be able to write for you all again in one way or another. So goodbye my dearies and remember this,

“Always fear the quiet ones. Their mouths may be silent, but their minds talk miles a minute!”



   Lexie Wright


(Hey my readers! Thank you so much for reading and following my Kisses, Lexie blog! It is so strange to see it now coming to a close after almost two and a half years! Wow! I want to thank you all again for reading and though Lexie’s blog may be coming to a close, I as a writer will still be writing on! So if you enjoyed this blog, please check out my other Sims 3 Story blogs at the links below:

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And if you want to read one of my old school stories from the Sims 3 website:

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(Fyi: The chapters in Book 1 & 2 are missing pictures due to me having to delete some to make room for more. Sorry in advance!)

I will also be posting a new Sims story in a few months, so stay tuned for that!

Also, check back, because you never know! There may be an update on our Queendale families someday in the future! Thanks again!




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