Post 26: Downward Spiral

Hey my fellow Queendalers! So things have died down a little since my last post. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. If I keep attracting attention from higher up, I Lexie may have to lay low for a while. But until then, let’s move onto the news.


So Paul has been pretty outgoing since his reveal to Emilie about their father. And I mean really outgoing. I spotted him downtown DJing at some club. That wouldn’t be a big deal, but the club he was at, was ages 21 and up. Looks like he is taking tips from Angel and Claire.


It’s funny, but I don’t think that anyone realized that he was underage. People were rocking back and forth to the beat and calling out their favorite songs. He definitely looked in the zone.


I was surprised to see Emilie there as well. She looked extremely out of place, sitting at a table doing what I can assume, was her homework. I felt a little bad for her. Ever so often, she would glance up at Paul, sigh, and then go back to doing her work. I guess we can assume she snuck in to keep an eye on him.


That said, I did see her later enjoying a solo game of pool. I guess she figured she might as well have some fun while she was there. And may I say, she wasn’t that bad. She could give people a run for their money.


DJing wasn’t the only thing that Paul was busy with that night. After downing a few drinks, Paul decided to brave the electronic simulator on challenge mode. It looked insane! He was spinning all over the place, barely holding on, howling at the top of his lungs. The people gathered around were laughing and taking pics. While I think he is amazing, I’m pretty sure he will be totally busted if Marian or Brian get wind of those pictures.


Especially the pic of Paul tumbling out of the simulator. Not that it is any surprise. He was way too drunk to even be riding that thing! The crowd gathered around, laughs and snaps some more photos. Now I know how celebrities feel. He better hope that doesn’t go viral.


Emilie escapes to a nearby table during the whole commotion and sits in silence, staring at the table light. I can’t help but wonder what is going on through her head. Ten minutes later Paul wobbles over, and then Emilie raises from her chair and walks him over to the staircase. Some night she was having.


Paul is barely able to stay upright as he and Emilie head down the stairs to the front door.

“I love you, Em,” Paul says as they pause by the door. He looks so out of it, I bet he doesn’t even know what he is saying.

Emilie smiles sadly and stops them, giving him a hug. “I love you too, Paul. And we’re going to be okay.”  It’s enough to make your heart break for them.


And even more when they get home. Brian is waiting for them by the front door looking furious! His voice echos through the sky as he yells at them for being out too late and Paul coming home drunk. Paul just stumbles into the house, but Emilie looks like she is going to burst in tears. If only Brian knew everything that was going on through her head. He would be tripping over himself with apologizes, especially to Marian. That said, Emilie and Paul will probably will grounded for the next week.


On another note, I spotted Erica downtown, not too far from the warehouse. She was heading to her car when she stopped to answer her phone.

After listening for a minute, she nods. “Agreed. Jake and I will be there to accept the shipment. But are you sure that now is the time? The police are still a bit suspicious.”  It is clear that she is talking to her boss about the shipment that was supposed to show up months ago. It looks like now it was going to happen.


“No, I wasn’t trying to defy your orders,” Erica says quickly. “Jake and I will be there Saturday to accept the shipment.” She then clicks off the phone and after looking over her shoulder, gets into her car.

So finally the shipment was happening. Both Erica and Jake were going to bring drugs into the city of Queendale. Oy vey.


But their plan may hit a snag if David has anything to say about it. Right after Erica drives off, David pulls up in his police car. After parking his car, he walks around surveying the area. After a few minutes, he gets back into his car and drives off. Looks like David has discovered his wife’s crime hideout, which can’t be good for her. Something tells me that the shipment is not going to go as smoothly as she thinks. More soon my followers!





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