Post 19: Love Day

Well do I have a blog for you! Valentine’s Day, was surprisingly very wonderful. There was no serious drama, and even a surprise proposal happened! Well anyway, let me get to it.


First, I suppose I should address Henrietta’s romantic date with Luke. It has been a while since I have blogged about them, especially since they have kept their meetings to a minimum. But I guess for Valentine’s Day, Luke just couldn’t stay away. While Henrietta was hot tubing at home alone, Luke made a surprise visit. Henrietta was a bit uncomfortable at first, but she finally caved and let him join her.


They seemed to have a nice afternoon making out in the tub together. Which I thought was a bit stupid since you can totally see them from off the road. Well, in all fairness they were partly shielded by few bushes in the yard. Maybe she thought that they were safe since Richmond, Derek and Angel were out. Still, if I were her, I wouldn’t test my luck.


But of course, she does. After getting really into their make out session, it starts turning into…something else. I didn’t want to stick around to see anymore, so I took my leave. Let’s just say they had a very passionate filled afternoon.


They were not the only ones. I spotted Erica and Brian at their secret getaway, The Marmalade Inn. They were in the ballroom together sharing a dance. It would be so romantic if you didn’t know that they were both married, Brian, to one of the most wonderful women ever. Once the truth comes out (which could be soon, if any one of them reads this blog), we’ll see what happens.


On a more positive note, I did spot Derek and Evanglina later that evening at a park carnival. They seemed very happy together dancing together on the dance floor. It’s nice to see that with everything going with Claire and Angel, it still hasn’t phased them.


I caught them playing with the romance calculator game and by the looks of it, got burning hot love.


And as expected that only enhanced their date, if their long passionate kiss afterwards was any indication. They seriously are so cute together! They are slowly becoming the Queendale High’s supercouple.


And while the school sees it that way, Claire certainly does not. She looked furious while she watched Derek and Evanglina from not too far away. I can tell that she is plotting something. I suppose with Maria out of the way (I heard that she was distancing herself from Adam), Evanglina was her next target. I will keep you posted.


Speaking of which, I happened upon Adam and Maria at the downtown movie theater. They seemed kind of tense and I was honestly surprised to see them since I had been hearing rumors that they were splitting up. Probably due to the bullying she had been facing from Angel and Claire. They really couldn’t give her a break.


Adam must have noticed the awkwardness, for he pulled her a side.

“Okay Maria, you need to tell me what’s going on,” he says.

When Maria tries to protest, Adam shakes his head. “I know you Maria. Now tell me what it is.”

Maria then proceeds to tell him about everything that is going on with Claire and Angel. By the time she is done, Adam looks like he wants to tackle someone.

“I am so sorry Maria,” he says finally. “I had no idea they were the ones’ behind that video. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t think you would believe me. Besides, Claire is your sister.”

“She may be my sister, but that doesn’t excuse the way she has been treating you. Believe me, I will be talking to her.”


“You don’t have to do that Adam,” Maria protests, but Adam shakes his head.

“Yes I do. I love you Maria. And Claire needs to learn to accept that.”


I am stunned. Did I hear that right? Did Adam just say he loves Maria?

Maria looks just as stunned as me. “You love me?” she asks, and Adam nods.

“Yes, I do.”

Maria grins. “I love you too.”


I have to say, hearing Adam say that to her, really seemed to make up for all those weeks of torture for her. I decided to take my leave as they kissed in the light of the theater building. Things are definitely looking up for them!


Lastly, I spotted Sarah and Ricky having a romantic dinner out in the town. I was a bit surprised considering all the effort they made of keeping their relationship a secret. Yet there they were, laughing and eating their dinner in the balcony of a fancy restaurant.


And if you thought that was cute, wait till you hear what happened. Right as they were getting ready to leave, Ricky dropped down to one knee and popped the question! Sarah looked so surprised, but happy all the same.


That said, she told Ricky that she would have to think about it.

“I love you and I do want to spend the rest of my life with you, but you and I both know that it isn’t that easy. I still haven’t told Kara about us or Henria for that matter…”

Ricky sighs. “If Kara is anything like you, I know we will get along fine. You’re an amazing woman, so I am sure you raised an amazing daughter.”

Sarah smiles. “That’s so nice of you to say. But I still have Henria to deal with-”

“Let me talk to her,” Ricky interrupts, but Sarah shakes her head.

“I don’t think that is the best idea. Henria still hasn’t forgiven you for…what happened…”

“But that was almost seventeen years ago!”

“I know, but it doesn’t change what happened. You hurt her Ricky, and so did I. If we are going to try to make this work, I have to talk things over with her. Alone.”


Ricky is quiet for a minute and then sighs. “All right. But after all that, do you think it will be a yes then?”

Sarah grins and kisses him gently. “We’ll see.”

So, there was already some history between them. It would seem that their romance started long before they both moved to Queendale and from the sound of it, Evanglina’s mother, Henria, was involved. Could it be a love triangle between Ricky and the two Marsen sisters? I’ll keep you posted!





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