Post 11: Homecoming

So, I just want to apologize to my readers for not posting for the past week. And as you probably could have guessed, I was not able to attend the dance Saturday night. I know, know, I’m a terrible blogger right? Awful. Unfortunately, something did come up and I have been preoccupied for the past few weeks. But now I am back and ready for action.

I can tell you this, from what I have heard, the homecoming dance went pretty well. Nothing really crazy happened. Claire did not win Homecoming Queen, but Angel did. I swear she stuffed the box. If Claire didn’t win, there is no way she would. People definitely hate Angel more (though no one would ever dare say it). Derek won Homecoming King, which I expected and it was probably funny to see them share a dance together. I did hear that Angel tried to start something with Maria, but she put her in her place. I am very proud, but at the same time a bit worried. No one ever sticks it to Angel and gets away with it. Maria better watch out!


Although she was apparently quiet at the dance, I can tell that Claire was not happy about Adam going to the dance with Maria, if her giving him the silent treatment on the ride to school was any indication. He is definitely in the doghouse with her. She really needs to get over this whole class and status thing.


In other news, I did see Claire and Angel hanging at her father’s club over the weekend. Looks like their fake IDs are still working wonders.


After getting enough drinks into them, they headed to the karaoke machine and started singing some tunes. Now the songs were nice, but their voices, not so much. They sounded like nails on a chalkboard! I felt myself wanting to scream, “Make it stop! Make it stop!” I have heard Angel going on in the school hallways about how someday she is going to be a famous popstar. Well, honey, if they don’t auto tune your voice, you don’t stand a chance!


Lastly, I finally confirmed my suspicions about Mrs. Maxwell. While going for an early morning jog, I happened to spot Mrs. Maxwell coming out of the abandoned warehouse. Now I know something fishy is going on in there. She looked calm, but a bit anxious as she headed out to her car. But why would she be unless she was doing something unsavory? Could she also be into the same stuff as Jake Rivers? I guess we will have to wait and see!





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