Post 36: A Hard Life

Hey my followers! So I have still been getting the attention of a  couple law officials for the past week. At least I think they are. I keep getting comments left asking about the information on my blog and the accuracy. I also, have been getting the usually comments asking who I really am, which you all know I will not be revealing. Still, if the comments from the so-called “officials” don’t come to a stop, I may have to temporarily shut down the blog until I figure out how true the posts are. So if this is some kind of game, I suggest you all stop. You know who you are. Now, onto the news.


So things have been a bit slow since all the excitement in the past few weeks. Still there are a few things worth mentioning. It seems that the Maxwells have decided to go away for the summer. Not that it is much of a surprise. With everything going on with the drug shipment case and Erica not being a suspect (for now anyway), I’ll bet getting her out of the country, is David’s biggest priority. I hear that they are on their way to France to visit family, and spotted them on their way downtown. Adam looks a bit annoyed and who can blame him? He will be spending most of the summer away from his love, Maria. Claire on the other hand, looks thrilled to be leaving. Maybe she thinks she can use this trip to get back into his good graces. We will see Claire, we will see.


After they all pile into his car, David turns on the engine and takes off down the street. Ah yes. A Claire-free summer. Too bad Angel isn’t going along with her.


They weren’t the only ones leaving for the summer. The Nelsons were heading off as well. Well, at least Marian, Paul, and Emilie. After all the stress with Brian and Erica’s affair, it looks like Marian felt it would be best to take her family (excluding Brian) to her parents house in Riverview. I can’t blame her. I don’t know how she has been able to deal with living in the same house with Brian for the past few weeks.


Anyways, I spotted Marian leaving with Emilie and Paul, shuffling into an airport shuttle. I think the fresh Riverview air will do them all good.


Anyways, I spotted Marian leaving with Emilie and Paul, shuffling into an airport shuttle. I think the fresh Riverview air will do them all good.

Looks like Kara is taking off for the summer as well. I overheard her filling Evanglina in as they sat on the stools of the Karaoke bar, eating onion rings. Apparently, Ricky is flying her and Sarah to Marina Beach to visit his family. I am so jealous. I have been dying to go there, but still haven’t gotten the chance. Money is always a problem…


While Evanglina smiled and told Kara she was happy for her, anyone could tell she was a bit saddened by it. I can’t blame her. Kara leaving means that she will be home all alone this summer, left to fend on her own against her mother and Jake. After all, she had been banned from seeing Derek. I still think that was totally insane. Why doesn’t Henrietta just lock Derek up in the basement? Seriously!


Kara is apologetic about that. She tells Evanglina that her mother is crazy and really needs to leave Jake. She also says that Henrietta has definitely lost her marbles if she thinks Evanglina is trying to get knocked up by her son. They both laugh. Honestly, I’m just glad someone else thinks so!


At the end of the night, Evanglina hops on stage and sings the song “Paradise,” by Coldplay. She sounds totally amazing and gets a standing ovation from everyone including Kara. We definitely have a star on our hands. She then hugs Kara goodbye, and then peddles home on her bike.


She has a surprise waiting for her when she gets home. Jake is raving drunk when she walks in through the door, shouting so loud that you could hear him from outside. Apparently, Henrietta had made good on her threat to put a restraining order on Evanglina. She is totally insane! She called and informed Jake of this, and by the looks of it, he was not taking it well.

“I should have known that’s where you ran off to that night!” he was yelling. “Running off to jump into some boy’s bed! How could you be such a slut? Has your mother taught you nothing?”

“I did not sleep with Derek!” Evanglina shouts back. “We literally just slept! Nothing else!”


“I know you’re lying!” Jake yells. “You are a lying little slut! You better not get yourself pregnant, or I swear to gosh (censoring) you will pay!”

“I didn’t sleep with him!” Evanglina screams. She looks so frustrated and I feel bad for her. No one should have to deal with someone like Jake.

“Fine! If you’re going to act like a lying tramp like your aunt, then just get out of my face! Now!”


There seems to be nothing she can do, so Evanglina just turns and runs up to her room. What a lovely end to a day. Every time things seem to get better for her, they go crashing down again. Hang in there, Juliet. We are all rooting for you.

Well that is it for this week. As I have previously said, I will be keeping you posted on what is going on with the officials. I can only hope that I won’t have to take drastic measures, but we will have to wait and see. More soon!





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