Post 1: Spy of Queendale!

The town of Queendale. Or city, I should say. Queendale to me, has always been a cross between the suburbs and metropolitan. Calm town-like homes, in the middle of a Seattle-like city. The bustle of cars and taxicabs speeding down the city streets, but with the gentle Sunday mornings of people walking their dogs on the neighborhood sidewalks. Queendale is small, but not as small as a typical suburban city. Still, people are pretty friendly and nice. That is not to say that everyone you meet will smile and greet you (trust me, I have lived here for years and would know if it was that friendly).

Screenshot-39Being the size it is, you would think that everyone would know pretty much everything going on. Guess again. There is much that you don’t know, like all the secrets hidden behind closed doors. Secrets that I, after much deliberation, have decided to uncover and expose. I think the citizens of Queendale have a right to know the truth about the people they put their trust into. After all, secrets can only stay hidden for so long.

So, who am I and how do I know so much? Well that is the question isn’t it? I will leave you with this much. I go by Lexie Wright and consider myself the city gossip blogger. I hate to call myself that, but I know others will. Just call me the spy of Queendale. I am the eyes and ears of this city. Okay, maybe not the entire city, but close enough (mostly Queendale high). Nothing goes by without me knowing about it. Some of the people I follow are from the most prominent families in the city, families that people trust, love and look up to. If only they knew the skeletons hiding in their closets…

Which is why I have decided to expose them. Consider me, the “Harriet the spy” of Queendale and Queendale High. So many people smile and wave as they run into each other around town, in the halls of high school or as they head into their houses each evening, but no one knows what is really going on behind closed doors. Not for long. With this blog, I intend to keep all my readers updated on all the drama and craziness of Queendale. Well, as much as I can. Who knows if I will even get any readers or followers. However, those who dare to take a look at this blog will uncover things they never thought they would know. Okay, maybe I am being a bit dramatic. Whatever. Read if you want, pass along if you don’t. But if you do, you may just learn that things aren’t always as they seem.





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