Post 24: Date Night

Hello my fellow Queendalers! I hope you are all having a fantabulous week! While news has been a bit slow the past couple weeks, it certainly picked up this week! Now let’s get started!


First, I caught Evanglina and Derek together at the Richmond’s nightclub downtown. I was a bit surprised, but then noticed it was underage night. They seemed to be having a good time grooving and singing along to some karaoke tunes. And may I say, they sounded amazing together. With Evanglina’s high pitch matched with Derek’s low monotone, it sounded incredible! Who knew? Looks like Maria and her sister will have some competition!


And boy does Adam have some smooth moves! At the end of their song, he dipped Evanglina and asked her to junior prom, which is in a few weeks! Evanglina of course said yes and Derek grazed her lips with a kiss. I have to say, they deserved all that applause. The two of them really lit up the room.


And as if right on cue, Angel showed up. Well, to be honest, she was lurking around the club watching them the whole time. When Evanglina and Derek left the club and headed out toward the pool to be alone, she quickly followed right after them.


You’re not welcome here,” Angel says, walking right between them. “Now get out.”

Derek looks annoyed. “Angel, knock it off. It’s underage night.”

Angel scoffs. “Oh I know you’re fine. She’s not.”


Evanglina rolls her eyes. “Angel, aren’t you getting tired of all the animosity between us?” When Angel just stares at her, (probably because she has no idea what that word means) Evanglina adds, “Hostility.”

Angel glares at her. “No, I’m not. Now get out.”


Angel, I said knock it off.” Derek looks extremely irritated.

“Why should I?” Angel’s voice is raising. “Can’t you see what she is doing? She’s using you!”

“Using me for what? And don’t start that crap about classes or statuses again or I’m going to hurl myself into that pool.”

“But it’s true! Even mom knows it!”


Derek’s eyebrows raise. “Wait, you told mom about this? Why would you do that?”

“Because she needed to know the kind of girl Evanglina is!”

Derek frowns. “You are insane! I can’t-this is-” He drifts off shaking his head.

Angel shrugs. “I’m only looking out for you.”


Derek shakes his head. “No, you aren’t. Because if you were, you would know that Evanglina and I are happy together and you wouldn’t be doing all this. Now we’re leaving, and I don’t want you to follow us.” With that, Derek takes Evanglina’s hand and they leave together. Well said Derek!


And they definitely had a better night without her sniffing around. They had dinner at the Flyway Coffeehouse downtown and shared a romantic kiss outside the coffeehouse before going their separate ways. I think it’s safe to say that our favorite couple is still intact!


They weren’t the only ones on tract. Apparently, things are looking up for Ricky and Sarah. While on a date Saturday night, I heard her finally give Ricky her answer to his question weeks before. Lucky for him, it was the answer he was looking for! Looks like we have a newly engaged couple in town! Congratulations Ricky and Sarah! Woohoo!


And it looks like she couldn’t wait to share the news with her daughter, Kara. After work the next day, Sarah told Kara the good news! As surprised as Kara looked, she seemed thrilled all the same. And why shouldn’t she be? Her mother was getting married to great man (one that word around Kara had grown to really like) and that would make him her stepfather. Apparently, her biological father had left long before she reached the age of four. I’m sure having Ricky around more often will be nice for her.


And from the way that they were hugging afterwards, I can assume that Kara can’t wait for that as well. I guess wedding bells aren’t too far away for Sarah! I only have to wonder, how will Evanglina react? Not to mention Henria? After all, it was clear from Sarah’s last conversation with Ricky, that something had happened between all three of them. As for what, this blogger is still trying to figure out!


Lastly, here is the biggest news of all! It looks like there is trouble in paradise for Henrietta Richmond. The wonderful dream of her running away with Luke Wilson, seems to have ended! So, I’ll start at the beginning. I caught Henrietta shopping downtown (surprise, surprise) when she stopped to take a phone call. She must have thought that no one would be paying attention to her conversation, for she was talking loud enough for this blogger to overhear.


Apparently, Henrietta had decided that it might not be in her best interest to leave Damien at that time. My thoughts are that Damien’s money has a lot to do with it. I read somewhere that in Queendale, if a spouse can prove that their partner was divorcing them for unsavory reasons, they wouldn’t have to split everything between the two of them like usual. I’m guessing that Henrietta had figured that out.


Apparently, that wasn’t what Luke called to talk about.

“I’m really sorry about this. I know you wanted us to go off together, but I just don’t think I can do this. I love you, but I still love Damien. I can’t-” Henrietta drifts off and is quiet for a minute. Her expression then changes to a look of shock. “Wait, what are you talking about?” There is more silence and then Henrietta’s eyes widen.


“T-that m-may be true, b-but that’s not wha-” Henrietta looks horrified. “L-Luke! That is not necessary!” She says, looking very uncomfortable.


“No!” She suddenly shouts. “He is her father!” The street gets quiet, and Henrietta finally realizes how loud she has been talking.


“Look Luke,” she says, lowering her voice to a whisper, “I can’t talk right now. I’m sorry about everything that has happened between us, but whatever you think, is wrong. He is her father Luke, and that is all you need to know. Now…goodbye Luke.”


She then clicks off her phone and stashes it in her pocket.

I am completely stunned. Who was Henrietta talking about, yelling “He is her father?” Could she be talking about Angel and Damiem? Now isn’t that the question! Well, you can bet that Lexie is on the case! More soon!





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