Post 32: Girl’s Day Out


So as you know from my last post, the Nelsons are going through some pretty rough times, mainly because of Brian’s infidelity resulting in Marian wanting a divorce. Paul seems to be taking it one day at a time, but Emilie seems to be taking it really hard. She hardly ever leaves the house, and spends most of her days inside studying, reading, or researching on her computer. It isn’t until Evanglina, Maria and Kara ambush her, that she finally steps out of the house.


They all head to the summer fair, which Evanglina seems all too eager to go to. With everything going on at her home, I guess I can’t blame her for wanting to get out. I spot the two of them skating on the rink, Evanglina in a funky dress. Not sure, what is up with that, but she seems to be having a good time. Emilie, still looks pretty down.


Maria’s sister Josephina, was spotted riding the mechanical bull and may I say, she did hold her own. She managed to stay on for almost three minutes, before being thrown off onto her butt. Way to go!


Evanglina then pushes them all to enter a pie-eating contest. Emilie is reluctant, but Evanglina encourages her to join. Soon they are all lined up from left to right, Maria, Evanglina, Josephina, and Emile. It’s a funny sight to see.


When the buzzer rings, they begin stuffing their faces with pie as fast as they can. Josephina seems to be on a roll with Maria following close behind. When the buzzer goes off again, Evanglina is chosen as winner, followed by Maria, and tied with Josephina and Emilie. Evanglina takes home a prize of complementary hot dogs. Sounds delish!

Afterwards, they all head off from the fair and down the street.


As they pass by the movie theater, Josephina spots some of her friends and stops to chat. Looks like they finished seeing the biggest new blockbuster, “Altima.” It is a movie about a girl that grows up to be the next leader of her clan, fighting against those who are trying to overthrow her. It’s some new sci-fi flick that is supposed to be amazing.

The girls end up joining with the rest of the group and they all head down the street together.


They all then pile into a Karaoke bar, one that I have seen Paul drinking at a few times. Sure enough, he is there hanging out in the crowd.



Maria and Evanglina decide to sing, so they hop on stage and start belting out a tune together. They are actually not that bad, although they picked one of the most annoying songs ever, “Please Don’t Go,” by Mike Posner. I guess I wouldn’t feel that way if the lyrics weren’t so whiny like Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” I’m sorry. With all the betrayal and break ups happening lately, I have become a bit pessimistic.


What made things awkward, was when a man stepped out of the crowd to listen. It was Maria’s father! Luckily, he wasn’t too mad to see them in the bar and instead stood moving his head to the beat of the song. Boy were they lucky.


After some prying, Evanglina managed to get Emilie to sing with her, picking an old tune from the 90’s “The Way,” by Fastball. I was a bit surprised by how much the song fit both of their lives. “They just got up and left it all behind them, but where were they going without ever knowing the way.” I’m sure the both of them wished they could just pack up and leave their lives behind. But unfortunately life does not work that way.


After finishing singing, Evanglina, Maria and Emilie head upstairs to the second floor. There they take pictures together in one of the booths. Of course, since Maria’s father had spotted them, he waves them over once they get back downstairs, saying he will drop them all off at home. I think they were too happy at not be in trouble that neither of them argued.


That included Josephina and Augusta who were busy playing a game of Galactica on a table arcade game. Augusta looked all too happy to go after getting “owned” by Josephina.


On the way out, Emilie smiled and thanked Evanglina for a fun day out. I honestly think it was just what she needed. Evanglina and Maria waved goodbye to her and she took off with Paul to his truck (guess his grounding had ended).

I guess sometimes it’s nice to have a day out with friends. I should plan something like that for myself. Well, more soon!





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