Year 2: Post 24: A Night T0 Remember!: Part 1

Hey Queendalers! Code word is “limo,” and thankfully a lot of you guessed it! And yes! The Night has finally arrived! Prom Night! Boy, do I have juice for you! It was a wonderful night filled with tension, drama, and romance, even all the way up to the morning after! I will fit as much as I can into this post. Here we go!

So It was a long week, only because people (mainly seniors) were anxiously waiting for the coming Saturday night. There was a lot of gossip about whom was going with whom and of course who Prom King and Queen would be. My guess, of course, was Angel or Claire and I’m pretty sure everyone figured it would be either one of them. Although, it also wouldn’t surprise me if Charlotte managed to snag it from both of them. Then again, Evanglina and Maria weren’t doing that badly either, something that both Claire and Angel seemed a bit miffed about this week. Aside from them, the runners up for King where Derek, Adam, Paul and Claude. My money was on Derek or Adam.

Screenshot-698 (2)

So after a long Saturday of pampering, the night was on! As I was heading over to the main event, I happened to catch a glimpse of Charlotte coming out of the Maxwell manor in her prom dress. It looked very chiche! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a Paris original (sorry, I know nothing about fashion!)

Screenshot-697 (2)

I also saw Claude as well wearing a very neat tux. And may I say, he looked fine!

Screenshot-700 (2)

They both entered into a white cream colored limo sitting out front and then the car slowly pulled away from the curb. I suspected that Adam and Claire must have already been inside, because there is no way that they would be leaving without them.

Screenshot-2072 (3)

My theory was right, for after the limo pulled up at the Queendale Event Center, both Adam and Claire emerged from the car behind Charlotte and Claude.

Screenshot-2075 (3)

Everyone looked great! I saw Angel dressed in a revealing tight black dress (surprise, surprise) and behind her, Maria was wearing a beautiful red gown.

Screenshot-2073 (3)

Josephina was even there wearing a to die for, purple cheetah print dress. Wondering why she made an appearance? Apparently, she had been taking advanced classes along with some college-level ones at the local community college, and because of this, she was graduating a year early! Now that is what I call an accomplishment! She may be quiet and shy, but the girl definitely has the brains!

Screenshot-2083 (3)

So, the Prom’s Theme was “A Night To Remember,” based off the prom scene in the teen romantic flick, “All In.” It’s a teen comedy/drama/romance movie that came out a few years back, about a group of friends basically trying to figure out their feelings for each other. It’s similar to an old 90’s teen flick called, “Can’t Hardly Wait.”  I must say, they really went all out! The upstairs room for dining was decked out in purple just like the movie! The chairs, the walls and even the tables had little glasses on them with cute mini party hats. Hats off to the decorating committee.

Screenshot-2115 (3)

Well, after everyone arrived, they all headed up to the upstairs dining room. At Queendale High, it is a tradition for the Prom to first have a formal dinner right before. It’s very different from what other schools do, but the tradition seems to have stuck.

After being seated, everyone slowly made their way to the buffet lines and served themselves food from the tables. Everything smelled absolutely delicious!

The dinner for the most part seemed to go well, with everyone chatting with one another, and then to everyone’s surprise, it was announced that Maria would be preforming a song! Even I was stunned. Normally, I know everything that goes on in town, but this was something I wasn’t expecting.

Screenshot-2113 (3)

Sure enough, Maria picked up her guitar and stepped on stage. She announced her song as “Life As We Knew,” and then began to play. I must say, her performance was amazing. She had the most beautiful singing voice as she strummed on her guitar. The whole audience sat quietly, in tune listening.

Screenshot-2114 (3)

I even spotted Evanglina and Kara standing closer to the stage to egg her on. After she finished, she had a standing ovation from everyone. Way to go!

Screenshot-2149 (3)

However, I think that no one was prouder of her than Juanita, who was at the dance chaperoning. She watched the whole performance looking in awe of her daughter. She even clapped the loudest when she was finished.

Screenshot-2150 (3)

Marian and Brian were also there chaperoning and had a bit of an awkward run in with each other. They are still in the middle of figuring out the divorce, so I guess it is to be expected. Still, they both dealt with it very well, giving each other a polite “hello”, having small talk, and then being on their way. Angel watched the whole thing from the corner with an amused look on her face. I swear, everyone in town now knows about them. I guess I didn’t help with that, huh?

Screenshot-2144 (3)

Afterwards, the real party began! Everyone headed down to the ballroom to check it out. The room was decorated with the same purple floral patterns as the upstairs dining room and even had a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, along with bubbles and other effects going! It was like a zoo of effects! Anything to be more realistic to the movie I suppose. Trust me, that scene in the movie (for those of you who haven’t seen it), was just as crazy as this. The movie even had a crazy parent chaperoning as DJ and calling out stupid catch phrases to the seniors.

Screenshot-2089 (3)

It’s funny how right after I thought this, I looked over and saw Ricky Emerson behind the DJ booth playing some tracks. No I am totally serious! Ricky Emerson! And even he was trying out some phrases of his own. Sarah was standing nearby and just laughing. Glad to see that they were having fun, even if it was at everyone else’s expense. Yikes!

Screenshot-2086 (3)

May I say that Evanglina Marsen looked fantastic in her baby pink dress! She came down the steps into the room gracefully just like a princess. If I could stuff the ballot box, I would say she would be the best choice for Prom queen. Honestly, I think there was a conspiracy behind who actually won, but I will get to that later.

Screenshot-2154 (3)

So everyone seemed to be having a good time including Claire and Paul. Sure enough, just like Kara had said, he was grooving along with Claire to the beat from the DJ booth. Even so, I happen to notice he seemed a bit distracted. He couldn’t seem to stop staring at Kara. Lucky for him Claire didn’t seem to notice. Well, not at first.

Screenshot-2147 (3)

Evanglina and Derek of course looked wonderful together. I spotted them dancing together in a quiet corner, not that it was that private. I happened to notice many people smiling and whispering about them the whole night. From what I could see, they were definitely the cutest couple on the dance floor! They seriously had my vote for Prom King and Queen. Well, them and Maria and Adam.

Screenshot-2153 (3)

Emilie on the other hand, was a bit of a wallflower. She remained mostly toward the sidelines just watching as everyone else danced. I happened to notice her standing with Maria for a while, but then when Adam came in with Charlotte, Maria seemed to disappear into the crowd. Who can blame her? I don’t know what possessed Adam to come to Prom with her, but he definitely had some explaining to do!

Kara, however, seemed to be making the night work for her. She was on the dance floor dancing on her own, while avoiding Paul, something he was surely taking notice of.

Screenshot-2218 (3)

But Maria’s dinner performance was not the only one that night! After an hour, Ricky announced that Maria and Evanglina would be preforming a song for the class! Truthfully, there have been some rumors that the two of them were starting a band together, but I was unsure of the truth behind it. Seeing them on stage jamming together however, was perfect confirmation. They performed a song call “Always Remember,” and it was quite good! They may have a future of playing music together!

Screenshot-2219 (3)

Everyone seemed really engaged with their song; they were all dancing, screaming and cheering them on. I noticed Paul and Emilie standing up toward the front and they both seemed to enjoy it as well. By the time the song ended, there was full applause.

Screenshot-2229 (3)

Afterwards, Evanglina seemed to take a bit of a break from Derek and dance with the girls. I got a nice pic of her dancing it up with Maria. I don’t know if I have already said this, but they both looked amazing in their ballgowns! I mean it! I was loving the light red of Maria’s dress with the black bodice sequins. Amazing!

Screenshot-2166 (3)

But no sooner had they started dancing, when Adam suddenly appeared at Maria’s side. He had been watching her from the sidelines with Charlotte all night and I guess took his opening to dance with her. However, Maria was not having it.

Screenshot-2167 (3)

“Adam, I can’t,” she said when he asked her.


“You know why, Adam.”

Adam sighed. “Okay, you’re right. But come on. It’s one dance, at the last dance we will ever have in high school. Could you at least give me that?”

“You sure you don’t want to dance with Charlotte?”

“Maria,” Adam looked a little frustrated, “I am only here with Charlotte because we both didn’t have anyone else to come with. We aren’t here as a couple, just as friends. Now please, dance with me.”

Screenshot-2173 (3)

I’m shocked, but this actually works! Maria takes a long look at him, and then finally agrees. They then move onto the dancefloor and begin to slow dance together. Even though Maria was reluctant, I can totally tell that she is extremely happy to be dancing with him. I won’t even say anything about Adam, because I am pretty sure you can already guess how happy he was.

Screenshot-2110 (3)

While they seemed to be content with each other, some other guests were not. I overheard Emilie speaking with Evanglina about Claude once again. Apparently, seeing him with Angel (Yes! They came together!) was a bit much for her to take.

“I mean, I knew he didn’t feel the same way as me,” she was saying, “And I know there was that thing between him and Angel, but I guess I just…I don’t know.”

Evanglina smiled. “It still hurts to see them together?”

Emilie sighed. “I hate to admit it, but yes. It kind of does.”

Evanglina gave her a hug. “I’m sorry.”

“Hey, it is what it is. I’ll get over it. Not soon enough though.”

What a good sport. I don’t know how reasonable I would be about this situation.

Screenshot-2078 (3)

Too bad she couldn’t have heard the conversation between Claude and Angel going on outside. The two of them were definitely not as happy as Emilie thought they were. One of our amazing readers, overheard Claude telling Angel that he wanted to speak with Emilie and Angel was not happy about it.

“Why would you want to waste your time with her? She’s a nobody.”

“Angel, I told you not to talk about her like that.”

“Why do you care? It’s not like you even like her or anything.” She then gave him a look. “Do you?”

Claude cleared his throat. “My feelings toward Emilie don’t concern you.”

Screenshot-2080 (3)

“The hell it doesn’t!” Angel snapped. “I’m your date! You shouldn’t be talking to anyone but me, let alone that freak!”

“Angel, Emilie is not a freak, and I think you are a bit mistaken. You and I agreed to come as just companions. Nothing more.”

Angel looked like she was going to explode after he said that. “Excuse me? Companions? Are you saying we just came as friends?”

Claude nodded. “Yes. I never said we would be anything but. If you got the wrong idea, I apologize, but I never said this was romantic.”

“So you are telling me that when you asked me to “accompany” you to the prom, you didn’t mean as your date?”

“No, I did not. I meant as a friend. I recall you mentioning something about how you couldn’t go to prom by yourself, so I asked if you would like someone to accompany you so you wouldn’t be alone. Truthfully, I was not going to come at all, but I felt for your situation.”


Screenshot-2079 (3)

Angel apparently just stared at him like she wanted to punch him in the face.

“How dare you pity me! I am Angel Richmond! I can get any date I want! In fact, I had other offers, I was just being nice since you asked!”

Now I know for a fact that that isn’t true at all, but whatever floats her boat!

Claude however looked amused. “Then why didn’t you say that? You made yourself seem very desperate.”

Angel didn’t seem to like that comment one bit. “Fu** (censoring) you Claude! I am not desperate! And if you love your little Emilie so much, just go find her then! See if I care!”

And with that she turned and stomped off. If only I could have seen that exchange! That is too juicy for words! For once a guy puts Angel in her place! Thank you to our fellow reader for the info!

Screenshot-2128 (3)

Meanwhile, back in the prom, Evanglina and Emilie were seriously grooving to the beat! They were doing some pretty fun moves that even people started to copy them! I was a bit surprised to see Emilie so energetic. She is normally so in her shell. Well I guess people can surprise you.

Screenshot-2171 (3)

An hour later, it was getting time to announce Prom King and Queen. Now here is where what I said much earlier comes in. Junior Greg Jensen was in charge of counting ballots, but there was a bit of a problem. He had a huge and I mean HUGE crush on Angel, and this was something she knew about. Around the time the final votes were cast in, I caught Angel speaking to him, very flirtatiously. Josephina, who was also hanging around the ballot table (it seemed she and Greg might have come together), noticed as well. She then tried to accuse Angel of trying to change the votes, but it didn’t seem to go very well.

Screenshot-2170 (3)

In the end, Angel walked off triumphantly as Josephina stood staring after her in anger. Her plan to somehow change the votes, seemed to being going according to her plan. Also, Josephina’s date seemed to crash and burn right there. What a total witch.

Screenshot-2118 (3)

That said, it seemed that she was not the only one losing the attention of her date. When Claire left to speak to Angel (probably about the whole ballot scam), Paul finally made his way through the crowd to Kara. She was dancing with Evanglina to one of Paula Deana’s singles, “Hot Mess.” Kara tried to move away, but not fast enough. Paul then pulled her aside to talk.

Screenshot-2091 (3)

“You can’t keep avoiding me,” I heard him say as I neared them. “We need to talk about…about what you…said.”

Kara’s cheeks turned pink and she looked totally uncomfortable. “Paul, please. I am so embarrassed that I said that to you. I’m trying to forget it.”

Amazingly, Paul actually looked a bit hurt. “So, did you not mean it?”

Kara exhaled deeply. “Paul, does it even matter?”  she asked.

“It does to me,” he said.

Kara looked confused. “Why?”

“Because I-I can’t seem to get what you said out of my head, and I…I think it’s because I feel the same way.”

Screenshot-2102 (3)

That seemed to shut Kara up. Her eyes lit up and she smiled at him. “You do?”

Paul nodded and then stretched a hand out to her. “Dance with me.”

Screenshot-2119 (3)

Kara then took his hand and followed him onto the dance floor. I have to say, it’s the happiest I have seen her in months. She looked over the moon. However, I didn’t think Claire would be too happy about it when she saw them.

Well, I think this is where I should leave off. Don’t worry my dears, I shall not be long. Stay tuned for my continued post about the excitement of prom night. As a treat, the code word will be the same as before!





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