Year 2: Post 14: Falling For You

Hey Queendalers! So last week’s code was a little tricky, but you all still guessed it: mirror! Goodness! I’m running out of ideas for codes! Well onto the news!


With Spring break over and March coming to an end, the Spring festival has become a big hotspot of Queendalers! Friday afternoon, I spotted Emilie meeting up with Evanglina after a concert. They were all smiles which was interesting considering all they have been going through.


As if right on que, Emilie started asking Evanglina how things were going at home, to which Evanglina said, “Same old, same old.” She then asked Emilie how her parents were doing.

“Not so great,” Emilie said sadly, “I can tell they are both trying hard to keep Paul and I out of it, but we both can tell what’s going on. It’s just making the whole house tense.”


Evanglina nods. “I can imagine. Things have been really tense in my house since Jake proposed to my mom. And then I found that drug stash in the outdoor bar. I feel like I am walking on egg shells.”

“You really need to tell your mom about him hitting you though.”

Evanglina shrugs. “It doesn’t matter. It’s not like she will believe me anyway. She will just think I’m making it up because I don’t like Jake. It’s hopeless.”


Emilie sighs. “I’m sorry. That’s awful.”

“Hey, it is what it is.” Evanglina sighs. “I’m sorry about your parents. They seemed so great together.”

“I know. I thought so too.”

After Emilie finishes that sentence, she looks over and seems to forget what she is saying. I’m a bit puzzled as to why, when I notice who she is staring at.


Not too far away, I see Claude standing at a golf mat practicing his swing. He then hits the golf ball and it goes flying toward the hole far off. Nice swing! Looks like Emilie is still majorly crushing on him!


Evanglina gives Emilie a nudge. “You should go talk to him.”

“What?” Emilie’s eyes widen. “Why?”

“Because you like him! Besides, aren’t you guys’ friends? Go!”


At first Emilie looks like she won’t, but then at the last minute she turns and walks over to him. Claude is so busy into his swing that he doesn’t even notice her at first.


When he does notice, he smiles and asks if she wants to join him. Emilie seems a bit bashful and says she would rather just watch. (Understandable. Who wants to look stupid in front of their crush?) Claude then hits another ball, beating his previous length. He should consider joining the golf team at Queendale high. I know it’s not that popular of a sports team, but hey! Maybe Claude could make it be.


It takes some prying, but Claude is finally able to get Emilie to give it a try. I’m impressed. It’s like pulling teeth to get that girl to come out of her shell. Well, expect when it comes to Angel. She seems to have some strange adrenaline rush when it comes to that girl.


And when I spot Angel totally spying on them from behind a bush, I can only assume we will be seeing more of that adrenaline soon. That girl seems to be everywhere Adam and Claude are nowadays. Stalker much?


Later, I saw them skating together on the rink. They seem to having so much fun, that I don’t think Paul even missed the person he was supposed to be meeting, who, I am still wondering.

They twirled around in circles for a while until they got dizzy enough to stop. For me, that would be like…never!


Anyways, back to Emilie and Claude. With some coaching from Claude, Emilie seems to get the hang of it and finally putts a ball close to that of Claude’s first score. Even he seemed a little surprised. Guess Emilie might just have a hidden talent up her sleeve.


“Well you sure picked up on that fast,” Claude said to her when they had finished up the game.

Emilie laughed and shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe it was beginners luck.”

“Emilie, I’m serious! We’ve been playing for almost an hour. That’s pretty good for such a short period of time.”


Emilie grins. “Well, I did have a pretty good teacher.” She then blushes.

Am I seeing this right? Is our little Emily flirting with Claude?

Well whatever it was, he seemed to be dishing it right back.

“Well, you were a pretty good student.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about! I think we may have another couple in the works.


Well, at least I thought so until Angel made her presence known. She finally emerged from the bushes and slowly walked over to them.


“Claude! Hey!” she said waving to get his attention.

Seeing Angel, Claude pulled away from Emilie and waved her over. I could see from Emilie’s face that she was very disappointed.


Angel, however, looked all too happy to be interrupting them.

“I was meaning to call you this weekend, Claude. I wanted to ask you something.” She then turned to Emilie. “It’s kind of a personal matter, so you don’t really need to stick around. After all, isn’t your family like in crisis or something? Probably would be better if you were there instead of here. Right?”

Wooooow. Now that was low.

Emilie looked totally taken aback by the comment, and for a second I thought she was going to tell her off.


Instead, she says goodbye to Claude shyly, and then takes off. Wow, Angel has no class.


After she leaves, Claude does ask her what that was all about, but Angel brushes it off (she would). She then starts flirting with him and asks him to attend a party she is throwing in a week. Wow, right after Claire’s party? Was there some kind of competition going on?

Anyways, Claude agrees and starts flirting right back! I’m mean, what the heck! This guy is all over the place! One minute he seems into Emilie, but when Angel shows up, he’s into her! Is this guy a player or what?


Well, as they are flirting, I see Paul come up looking really annoyed. Which surprises me, because I know Angel and him had broken up almost a year ago. So why was he looking so mad? And where had Kara gone off to?


I find out a minute later when he walks over and barges into their conversation asking what Angel was doing.

“Paul, chill,” Angel says, rolling her eyes. “I was just asking Claude to my party next week.”

“Really? It looked like a bit more than that.”


“Paul, don’t get like this. We were just joking around okay? You don’t have to get all territorial.”

Did she just say territorial? Oh great. It looks like she and Paul might actually be on again! But why on Earth would he want to start stuff with her again? Didn’t they break up last year because of her feelings for Adam?

No offense, but Paul can be a little whipped. I just feel bad for Kara. Wait until she finds out. Her heart will be broken.


In other news, I did happen to catch Brian and Marian on Saturday afternoon at their marriage counselor’s office. It had been a while since they had been there, so I couldn’t help traveling up to the office to see what was going on during their hour-long session. Just my luck, they were leaving the office as I approached the floor.


Brian was very agitated, and I soon found out why.

“How can you do this!” He was saying loudly.

“Brian, keep your voice down. We’re still in the building,” Marian was saying, but Brian did not seem to care.

“I have done everything I can to make things right! I have apologized, I stayed put and respected your decision to go and stay with your parents for almost four months, and I even agreed to see this counselor! What else do you want from me? What else can I do?”

“There is nothing you can do Brian!” Marian sounds frustrated. “What’s done is done! I know you wanted this to work, but it’s just not.”

“Maybe because you weren’t even making an effort.”


Marian looks furious. “I’m sorry, what? I’m not making an effort? I think I have been making a huge effort considering what happened! Any other woman would have left you immediately! I on the other hand, wanted to give it time and see if we could work things out!”

“But you haven’t, Marian! Every time I try to get close to you again, you pull away from me! How are we supposed to work things out if you can’t even let me do that?”


“Because I can’t!” Marian shouts. “I don’t trust you Brian! You cheated on me with Erica Maxwell! Erica Maxwell!”

“I know Marian, but-”

“You were so careless that even our kids knew about it! They knew about it before me!” She shakes her head. “Now every time I see you and her, I think about it. Anytime I drive by that stupid hotel or that “Maxwell” restaurant. I just…I just can’t get over it. It’s tearing me apart.”

I feel so bad that I wish I could leave, but I don’t want to miss anything.


Brian’s voice seems to soften after she says that. “Marian,” he starts, but she holds up her hands.

“I just can’t keep living like this. It’s like living a lie. You think I didn’t want this to work? Brian, I love you. I have loved you since that day in ninth grade when I saw you in the hallway and you flashed me that little smile of yours. I have loved you ever since, but it’s not enough anymore. Those days are gone now, and I have to move on. If you love me like you say you do, you need to understand, and let me go.”


Brian stands in silence. “But I don’t know how.”

Marian exhales deeply. “Yes, you do. You just don’t want to, but you have to Brian. I want us to still be a part of each other’s lives. I don’t want us to end up hating each other. We have to do this Brian. We have to get a divorce.”

Wow. If this was two years ago, I would have told you hell would have to freeze over for you to hear those words from Marian or Brian. Yet here she was, saying it to him. It’s a huge shame. Really.


“I wish I could fix this,” Brian says again, and Marian nods.

“I know, but you can’t. We have to let this end. For both our sakes and for Paul and Emilie. It’s going to be hard, but we will get through this. Our family is strong.”

Brian sighs heavily. I can tell it is really sinking in for him. “I really do love you, Marian,” he says. “I always will.”

Marian smiles. “And I you.”


Afterwards, they discuss with the marriage counselor some details about what to do next and then they both head out of the clinic and into Brian’s white pickup. They both look like they are in so much pain, that I can’t help but feel bad for both of them. They have endured so much in the past year, especially Marian. I wonder how things were going to be now. How were Emilie and Paul going to react? It’s one thing to have your parents think about divorce. It’s another thing to have it actually happen. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Well on that depressing note, I shall take my leave. By the way, I have noticed that some of you have some interesting theories on who I might be. I’m flattered by some of the guesses. Keep on it my dearies!



(Code Clue: I spray the scent upon my skin and let the sweet aroma settle in)




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