Post 4: The Hendersons


The Hendersons. The friendliest, family you will ever meet, next to the Nelsons of course. With their cream-colored two-story house on Clifton street, they are hard to miss.


Fredrick Henderson is one of best scientists in the field. He works in the laboratory at the local science building. He is a complete genius. Almost every week there is some report on the news about some break though he has made on his experiments. One, this blogger happens to know about, extraterrestrials. Hmm, what could he be planning…?


Then there is his wife the beautiful Juanita. Stylish, sassy with Latina flare.


She is a very talented sculptor and artist. Some of her sculptures and paintings are in the city art museum. It is only a matter of time before she has her own exhibit.


She and Fredrick have been married for about sixteen years. They attended the same high school and went to the same college. It may sound like a happily ever after, but it didn’t start out that way. Fredrick’s parents didn’t exactly welcome Juanita with open arms, so they dated in secret for many years. It was only after college that they finally admitted to their parents the truth. Juanita’s parents were okay with it of course, but Fredrick’s were outraged. I should mention that he did come from money, but when he decided to marry Juanita, his parents disowned him. I guess it is kind of romantic that he chose love over money. Then again, he was majoring in science and was top of his class, so maybe that is why he wasn’t so worried.


Their first born, Maria, came a year before they got married. Now, seventeen years later, she is a junior at Queendale high, with just as much feistiness as her mother.


I should also add that she is a very talented guitarist and singer. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we see her CDs in stores. Yes, she is that talented.


Close friends with Emilie Nelson, you can find the two of them together, constantly. They are like attached at the hip. Which is so strange if you ask me. They are so different from each other. Maria is pretty outgoing and goes with the flow, while Emilie on the other hand, keeps to herself. But somehow, they make it work!


And who can forget Maria’s quiet, but very beautiful younger sister, Josephina. She is sixteen and a sophomore at Queendale High. Like her mother and sister, she shares a love for the fine arts, hers in painting. She is a part of the Art club and some of her paintings can be seen hung up around the Art room. Who knows, maybe she will follow in her mother’s footsteps. She does however, have a growing interest in singing as well, so I guess only time will tell.

Well that sums up the Hendersons. Next post is, last but not least, the Nelson. More soon!





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