Post 6: Blossoming Romance


It’s funny that when you actually start looking for news, you see it everywhere. That is kind of how I feel now. Okay, first things first, I spotted Angel and Claire at a nightclub on Friday. I was kind of stunned, but then I had to remind myself that they probably used fake IDs to get in. That and the fact that Claire’s dad owns the club. Go figure.


After a few drinks, they got giggly. I have to say they looked like complete idiots. Too bad they didn’t do anything too stupid. I would have loved to report on it. Maybe next time.


Angel got a call and suddenly had to catch a cab home. She offered one to Claire, but she said no. Apparently Adam and Derek were due to show up soon. Angel looked a little peeved as she headed out into the night.


Adam showed up ten minutes later. He looked a bit surprised with how hammered Claire was (why he was surprised, I don’t know. I happen to know this is not the first time she has done this). They got in a bit of an argument, involving Adam snatching the drink out of her hand, before they were cut short by Derek’s arrival.


Okay, here is where it gets hilarious. For some reason, Claire attempts to kiss Derek, but instead, ends up burping in his face! It was so loud, that for a second everyone around the area just froze. Claire, obviously not realizing what happened, started giggling again, but what really was to die for was the look on Derek’s face. He looked so grossed out by her even though you could tell he was trying hard to hide it! I swear I even saw Adam laughing. Just wait until he fills her in tomorrow!


Obviously, Derek tried to keep his distance from her the rest of the night, but to no avail. I will say this though, I think someone may have a bit of crush on him. Claire couldn’t keep her eyes off him the whole night.


Before he left, he said something about meeting a girl that had just moved into town named Evanglina. Claire looked super annoyed and dare I say it, worried? Maybe even the mighty Claire has a weakness?


Well, with that, I should jet. From what Derek was saying, it looks like a new family is moving into the vacant house on Edgehill Street. Time for Lexie to snoop! More soon!





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