Post 9: Halloween Bash

I have to say, I am very surprised at the views this blog is getting. Who knew that there were so many people interested in the lives of others in Queendale? I have even been getting people e-mailing me and asking who I am. Good luck figuring that out 😉


Angel’s Halloween bash was a little more exclusive than I expected. No matter, I was still able to catch a bit of the party drama, although not as much as I would have liked. So I will focus on the key things that happened that were worth mentioning. First thing first, Angel Richmond. She definitely had an interesting night. After getting a few drinks into her, she was a social butterfly the whole night. One person she couldn’t keep herself away from, Paul Nelson.


They spent the whole night flirting and teasing each other. It’s weird though, he doesn’t really seem her type. But I suppose once you are intoxicated enough, anyone could be your type. Still, I have a pretty good feeling she was doing all this for a reason, intoxicated or not. Because not only had he shown up, but so had his friend, Adam Maxwell.


If I haven’t mentioned before, it is totally obvious that she is crushing on him, though it didn’t really look like it that night with her tongue down Paul’s throat. Yes, I said it. They totally made out toward the end of the party. The funny thing is, if she was trying to make Adam jealous, she failed miserably.


And that’s not just because it is clear Adam is interested in Maria, but he wasn’t even in the same room! Maybe next time you can strategize better Angel, first, by making sure the guy likes you. Side note, I thought that Adam’s costume was hilarious, especially, when he started eating what he was dressed as! Well, I guess you are what you eat. Lol, just kidding.


Looked like Derek boycotted his sister’s party, for he was the only one not wearing a costume. That didn’t stop him from dropping by to talk to surprise, surprise, Evanglina. I don’t even know how she was able to get in. From what I have seen at school, Angel totally hates her. Probably because both she and Claire can tell there is something going on between them. Well, they would be furious if they knew what I know…I heard Derek ask Evanglina to homecoming. And of course, she said yes. Oh if only Claire had been nearby. She would have wanted to strangle her. But it is only a matter of time before she finds out.


Angel and Paul weren’t the only ones kissing that night. I caught Adam and Maria doing so as well. Strange sight to me. With the costumes, it kind of look like Jason from Friday the 13th, making out with a hot dog!


Unlike with him, Angel did witness their lip lock. Let’s just say that she wasn’t too happy about it. Tone it down a notch Angel, it will all be better in the morning.


This may be a bit off topic, but I did happen to see something a bit shocking at the party. On my way out of the house, I happened to catch a bit of a private party on the roof, Mrs. Richmond and some man, which I assumed was Mr. Richmond. But to my surprise, it was none other than Luke Wilson! I was a bit surprised since I know him to be some top business tycoon. So what was he doing bartending at a teen party? Curious, I looked him up later on the net and found out that he went bankrupt a few years ago. He was rumored to be bartending at many different clubs and bars. So what was he doing making out with his ex-wife on the roof? My guess, there is most definitely something fishy going on, and more than just an affair. If Henrietta went through all the trouble to divorce him for not making as much money as Damien Richmond, why start up with him when he had nothing? There is something going on here, and this blogger is going to find out.





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