Post 37: Closing Down

So I am afraid the comments and posts I have been receiving haven’t stopped, and now I am really starting to think that I have attracted the attention of law officials. Or at least people I do not want to cross. This will have to be my last post for a while. With the case still against Jake and now Erica named as a subject, this blog is getting more unwanted attention, bringing more curiosity about Lexie.

But I will continue about that later. First, my last news of the week.

So as you know, Kara Marsen along with her mother Sarah and her fiancé Ricky, are going to Marina Beach for the summer, leaving Evanglina with Jake and Henria.


Well, three days before them leaving, Kara pays a visit to Evanglina.

She approaches her as Evanglina sits at the table in the backyard. “Hey,” she says and Evanglina looks up.

She looks thrilled to see her. “Kara!” she says, “It’s so good to see you! How have you been?”

“I could ask the same about you,” says Kara, taking a seat. “I heard Jake gave you a really hard time after you got home from the karaoke bar last week.”


Evanglina gets quiet. I can tell she is still reeling from Jake’s hateful words.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Kara asks.

Evanglina shrugs. “I don’t know what else to say. He clearly has made up his mind about me and there is nothing I can do about it.” She scoffs. “I just wish I could get through to my mom about him. I just know he was involved in that drug bust. I know it.”

“I believe you, Eva,” Kara says with a smile. “I wish things were different too.” They both are quiet for a minute. “So what’s going on with you and Derek?”


Just as Evanglina is about to answer, the backdoor opens and out comes Jake and Henria. Evanglina tenses up and lowers her voice to a whisper.

“I’ve been forbidden from seeing him.”

Kara raises her eyebrows. “Forbidden?”

Evanglina nods. “Derek’s mom is trying to file a restraining order against me and she told Jake about it. He totally blew up at me and called me a slut and a home wrecker and every other name in the book. They think that Derek and I are sleeping together.”

“Are you?”

“I told you Kara! No!” Evanglina sighs. “That night I spent with Derek, all we did was talk and then fall asleep. There was nothing serious going on.”

“So you guys didn’t even kiss?”

Evanglina gives her a look. “Well…I guess a little, but nothing more than that. We both aren’t ready to take it that far. I just wish his mother would believe me.”

“Well, she is Angel’s mother, so it’s not really a surprise she would think the worst of you. You know Angel hates you dating her brother.”

“I know, but I-I love him. I just wish they would both be able to see that.”


Things get quiet between them as Jake and Henria move about the backyard. It is so obvious that they are eavesdropping on their conversation. They also look annoyed that Kara is even there. I can tell Henria wants her to leave badly. She gets her wish when Sarah shows up fifteen minutes later.

“Well if it isn’t Sarah,” Henria says giving her a hateful look. “I’m surprised you were able to tear yourself from Ricky long enough to remember to pick up your daughter.”


Sarah sighs. “Henria, can we not do this? I just came to pick up Kara, that’s all. We have to finish packing for our trip.”

Henria frowns. “What trip?”

Sarah swallows. “Ricky is taking Kara and I to go and meet his family. With our engagement and everything, Ricky wants us to meet everyone.”

Henria scoffs. “Why bother? You’ve already met everyone, remember? Back when we were still in high school?”

“Yes, but Kara hasn’t. If Ricky and I are getting married, I want her to be acquainted with his family since he is going to be her step-father.” Henria winces when Sarah says the word “father.”

“Whatever,” she says. “Just get your daughter and then get your skanky butt out of here.”


Sarah looks at her for a minute and then sighs. “Let’s go Kara,” she says and then walks back to her car. Kara gives Evanglina a quick hug and then hurries after her.


“Thank God she’s gone,” Jake says. “Thought that skank would never leave.”

Evanglina balls her fists and rises to her feet. “Stop calling her that!” She yells.

Jake glares at her. “Watch your tongue there, kid.”

“I’m not a kid, I am a young woman. And I’m sick of you talking about my aunt Sarah that way. I am so sick of it, and I am so sick of you!”


With that, she turns and takes off with Jake and Henria yelling after her. She then gets on her bike and peddles off into the night.

At first, I think she is heading for Derek’s house again, but I am wrong. This time she bikes to a different address.


And what do you know, its Ricky’s house. Evanglina hurries up to the door and knocks on it frantically. It doesn’t take long for Kara to answer for it looked they had only just gotten home a few minutes before. She also didn’t look that surprised to see her.

“I can’t stay at home for the rest of the summer,” Evanglina says to her. “I am going to go crazy and loose my mind! Is there any way at all that I can come with you guys to Marina Beach?”

Kara raises her eyebrow. “Are you serious?”

Evanglina nods. “I feel like I need a break away from them! I miss you and Sarah so much! It’s not the same in the house without you two. I am barely holding on!”


Kara is quiet for a minute and then sighs. “Maybe we can talk to my mom. I’m not sure what we can do, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Come with me, we’ll figure all this out.”

Kara then leads Evanglina into the house and that’s that, leaving us to wonder how things are going to go. Will they convince Sarah and Ricky to let Evanglina tag along? And will Jake and Henria stop her? I guess we will have to see in time.

Unfortunately, I do not know when the next time I post will be. With everything going on with the drug bust, I will need to remain quiet until I figure out what is going to happen. Until then, I shall close down my Queendalers, but fear not! Have hope that I may be able to open my blog once again in the future.

Love always,



P.S Have a great trouble-free summer!



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  1. shannynlee4 says:

    Nice blog! Hope Lexie will continue the blog soon.

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