Year 2: Post 19: Does Thou Love Me?

Hey Queendalers! So last week’s code was a little tricky, so not all of you got it. A lot of you guessed “computer” which was initially what I was going for, but I had tweaked the code to a different word. So I shall use the same code word again to see if you guess it this time around. You were on the right track, but it is something on the “computer.” Good luck! Now onto the news!


So where was Derek off dressed like a million bucks Friday afternoon? Off to the front lawn! No I’m serious! He came out of the house all dressed up and headed straight for the front of his yard. And here is why.


Out in front of the lawn, were two double balloon bouquets with the words “Love” and “I love you” on each and in between them, candles in the shape of a heart. It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen! And I had a pretty good idea of who it was for.


As if on cue, Evanglina came riding up on her bike. Her eyes widened when she saw Derek standing there, and she dropped her bike on the sidewalk, and then hurried over to him.


“What is all this?” she asked, but I could see she was totally smiling and blown away.

“I just wanted to ask you something important.”

Evanglina laughed. “And what’s that?”

Derek smiled and took her hands into his. “I wanted to know if you would do me the honor of being my date to prom.”


Evanglina laughs and gives his hand a squeeze. “Was there ever a doubt of what my answer would be?”

“I still thought I would go all out. What do you think?”

Evanglina smiled. “I think it’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. And yes. I would love to go with you.”


Derek grinned and then leaned over to kiss her. I have to say, Derek sure knew how to ask a girl to prom. Guys, take a lesson from his book! He knows his stuff!


Unfortunately for Evanglina, I think that was the highlight of her day. That evening, I caught her roaming around at home alone, taking the trash out. She had her headphones in and was singing along to Paula Deana’s song “Take Everything I Have.” Somehow it doesn’t surprise me she would be listening to that song. It is about Paula’s abusive upbringing with her father. Kind of parallels to Jake with Evanglina don’t you think?


Anyways, she went about doing chores, like laundry and even cooking dinner while humming along to that song. Thinking it was going to be another boring evening for her, I was about to take my leave, when she suddenly stopped singing and said, “What the heck?” She then pulled a plastic bag filled with a white substance out of one of the pockets of a pair of jeans.


After looking it over, she rolled her eyes and muttered “Jake,” and then started walking up the stairs with the rest of the clothes.


As she was heading upstairs, the bedroom door opened and Jake came out carrying a bottle of “Carners” (local company) beer, letting me realize I was wrong in thinking that Evanglina had been alone. He let out a disgusting loud belch and then tossed the bottle in the garbage. At least he was decent enough to do that.

When Evanglina came down and saw him, she rolled her eyes. “I found your drugs, Jake. And this time I’m showing it to my mom.”


That didn’t sit too well with Jake.

“What the hell are you talking about?” he snapped.

“I found it in your jeans pocket. A bag of what I am sure is cocaine. Mom won’t be able to deny it this time”

“You better get that bag and bring it down to me right now you brat!” he yelled.

“No! I’m keeping it to show to my mom!”

“You will not! Go get it right now!”



Jake looked livid. “You little b***** (censoring)!” he shouted and then he slapped Evanglina hard across the face. But he didn’t stop there! He slapped her three more times to the point that Evanglina almost fell over! I was so shocked! I literally could not move, not even if wanted to. I have seen him slap Evanglina before, but not like this! He looked like he wanted to…well…beat her!


Even as Evanglina tried to get her bearings, Jake just stood there glaring at her. His look was more than angry. It was…deadly.

“I-I’m g-going to tell m-my mother,” Evanglina stammered. Goodness, I was starting to wonder if she had a concussion!


Jake just smirked. “You will not say a thing! And even if you do, it’s not like she is going to believe you.”

Evanglina then gives him a look of hatred. “I hate you so much! I hope my mother never marries you!” (Ahem to that)

Jake just laughs. “It’s a bit late for that Ev-an-gli-na,” he says, saying her name in syllables again. “Your mother and I are getting married whether you like it or not. So get used to it! And if you try to get in the middle of it, you will be sorry. Believe me, if you thought that little slap was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Whoaaa! Whooooaaaa! Did he just threaten Evanglina? Um, yes he did! I swear, how on Earth did Henria meet this guy? And is it me or has he been getting worse and worse as the year goes on? I think spending so much time with “the boss” is making him more and more dangerous. Goodness!


But he did happen to be right. When Henria gets home ten minutes later, Evanglina doesn’t hesitate to tell her everything that happened with Jake. And what does Henria do? She yells at Evanglina and calls her a liar! She says that she is sick of her making up lies about Jake! She then says that she knows that Evanglina has been talking to Sarah and that she has been feeding Evanglina lies about Jake.

“Jake is a good guy and has been there for me through hard times, especially through this whole thing with Ricky and Sarah. He is great to me and he makes me happy! So don’t you dare try to ruin my happiness! Sarah has hers, and with the man that I loved! So why can’t I do the same?” She literally sounds hysterical. “So I don’t want to hear any more of your lies! I’m done!”


“But mom!” Evanglina protests, but Henria waves her hand.

“No! I don’t want to hear about all these lies anymore! Just stop it! I’ve had enough!”


“I said SHUT UP!”


That seems to do it. Evanglina stops trying to reason with her and just turns and runs out of the house. For the first time, Henria doesn’t go after her. Instead, she sighs and then goes into her bedroom calling Jake’s name. She should be ashamed of herself, putting Jake before Evanglina. What kind of a mother is she?


As I’m sure you expected, Evanglina took off and ended up at Derek’s front door. He seems to be her go to for whenever craziness is going on in her house.


Nevertheless, he seems happy to see her and concerned, especially when she tells him about what happened. He is especially worried when she tells him that Jake was on the verge of beating her up and had threatened her, but even more when she said her mother didn’t believe her and thought she was lying.


When Derek said he wanted to tell his dad, Evanglina shook her head.

“It will just make things worse and I can’t handle any more stress right now. She is my mom after all, and I don’t want to leave her with Jake. We only have a month and a half until graduation. I think I can make it until then.”


“If I can’t, I promise I will tell you.” Evanglina then gave him a kiss.

I honestly don’t know what I would do if I was in her shoes, but I don’t think I would be able to stay. I think she should let Damien intervene.  He has connections, so maybe he could get Jake to back off. But then again with the whole “paternity” thing going on, maybe he won’t have to.


Lastly, looks like Adam was finally able to see Maria. He has been visiting regularly for the past few weeks begging to see her, something that has been driving her parents and her sister Josephina, nuts! I will say, I do give him points for persistence.


You can tell Maria did not want to let him, but at the same time, you could also tell that she really wanted to see him.

They should in silence for a while before Adam started to speak.

“I miss you, Maria,” he said finally.

Maria shook her head. “Don’t do that.”


Adam frowned. “Don’t do what?”

“Don’t come in here and tell me you miss me as if this is my fault. I’m not the one who did this to us! You did!”

“I know! I know!” Adam grabbed onto Maria’s hand. “I know this is my fault, I just want to fix it. It’s killing me not being with you. You can’t tell me you don’t feel the same way.”


Maria then moved her hand away. “It doesn’t matter how I feel. It doesn’t change what you did, Adam.”

“Well it matters to me! Especially if you feel the same way. Maria, I love you. And I need to know if you still love me.”

Maria didn’t say anything. She just stares at the floor as if she wishes she could just disappear beneath.

“Maria, do you still love me?” Adam asked again.


Maria sighed deeply. “Yes, okay? Yes! But that doesn’t change any-”

She didn’t even finish her sentence when Adam just grabbed onto her and kissed her. She looked so caught off guard that for a few seconds she didn’t even move.


Then after trying to protest she just seems to melt into him and they start making out right there in the living room. And I mean hardcore. Tongues and everything. I don’t think I have ever seen them kiss like that before, and I have seen pretty much everything.


Then after a few minutes of kissing, Maria pushed Adam away from her.

“No we can’t,” she said and covered her mouth. She looked like she was on the verge of tears. “I can’t. I just…can’t.”


“Please Adam, I can’t. You have to go now.”


“Please. Just go.”



I could tell Adam didn’t really want to go, but after staring at Maria for a moment, he finally turned to leave.

“I’m not giving up on us, Maria,” he said right before walking out the door. “I will find a way to fix this. I love you.” He then leaves through the door, closing it behind him.

Goodness. Too much drama for one day. I hope you all enjoyed all that. As for Lexie, she needs a little break. Then again, with all the craziness going on right now, I expect more drama will be coming my way. More soon!




(Code Clue: On it I can search digitally to find all there is to see, I can play games, read Lexie’s blog or maybe start one by me.)


(Hey! Sorry there was no post last week. I had some internet problems that prevented me for posting. I hope you enjoyed the post! Like, share  and comment!)




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