Post 10: Night Mayhem

I can’t help but be more and more surprised at how much my blog is growing. Although, I have an inkling that most of you following are from Queendale high or maybe Roger Heights Middle School. Thank you all so much for following me. Well, I will get right to it.

As you know, I have been looking into the whole Jake Rivers disappearing for hours thing, along with Mrs. Richmonds affair with Luke Wilson. The Luke thing I am still looking into, but I do have some answers about Jake.


So I tracked Jake to some warehouse down Highline drive. It’s a bit strange though, that place has been abandoned for years. As soon as he arrived, Jake knocked on the door, said some words, and then entered. He was in there for about two hours before he came back out.


And if that isn’t enough, he then made an interesting phone call. I didn’t hear all of the call, but I distinctly heard him say, “Yes sir, I will personally observe the exchange and then head down to the docks for the shipment. No one will suspect a thing. You have put your trust in the right hands.”

What on Earth was he talking about? Whatever it was, it did not sound good. Could our dear Jake Rivers be into a bit of drug dealing? Also, who exactly was in the warehouse and how long had they been there? I may not have all the answers now, but believe me, I will find them.


In other news, I spotted Claire Maxwell, up to her shenanigans again, this time pranking an innocent chef from the downtown diner. I have a feeling that she confused his address with a certain black haired girl named Maria, but she still seemed satisfied the same.


I’m sure she felt quite proud of herself, setting a bag of nasty smelling contents on fire, on the doorstep.


Needless to say, he was not happy. When he answered the door, he nearly collapsed at the sight of it. He jumped on the bag, putting the fire out, and then cursed when he realized what the contents were of.


Wow, very mature Claire. Do you know the kind of day he had before getting home? Of course not. You’ve never worked a day in your life. I’m sure your mother and father would be so proud. Ugh. I guess she is not as sophisticated as we thought.


Her mischief even continued into the night. Late in the evening, after the homecoming football game, Claire was spotted, sneaking back into Queendale high. What she could be doing is anyone’s guess, but why did she have to drag her poor brother into it? Even I can see that Maria is changing him for the better, so why does she have to drag him down with her?


Selfishness I suppose. I’m sure whatever she is doing, has something to do with the homecoming dance tomorrow. Could she be trying to stuff the ballot boxes? No chance of that. No one can vote until tomorrow night. Or maybe she is planning some kind of “Carrie” pig blood prank if she doesn’t get voted queen? She should be careful. We all saw what happened to the girl who did that…





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