Post 16: New Year’s Eve Gala Cont.

Hey my Queendale readers! So sorry about waiting a whole week to continue. Got to love the suspense though right?


So as I was saying, Evnaglina made her appearance and it was like everything stopped. I’ll bet she could even sense the tension. The poor girl was so confused that she walked right past Derek without even noticing him. Not that it mattered. As soon as Derek spotted her, he called her over without even a second thought about Claire.


He then turned his attention away from Claire and spent the rest of the night talking and dancing with Evanglina. Claire was livid. If looks could kill, Evanglina would no longer be with us.


Claire spent the rest of the night standing by Angel with her eyes glued to Evanglina and Derek. From the looks of it, she seemed to be planning something devious. Meanwhile, Angel was doing all she could to catch Adam’s attention. He seemed very distracted though, still scanning the room and staring at the entrance. Clearly, the guest he was expecting still had not shown up.


At one point he pulled Evanglina aside, and that is when I learned who he was looking for, Maria. Evanglina apologized and told him that Maria had said that she couldn’t make it for she was sick. I have an inkling that Maria was lying, for I saw her just yesterday playing her guitar while dancing in her backyard. No surprise she would lie though. Who wants to spend the evening dealing with Claire and Angel?


Emilie’s brother Paul did make an appearance, but after seeing Angel all over Adam, he turned and left. I’m serious. He just took one look at her, and then walked back out the door. I don’t think Angel even knew he had been there. Something tells me he is finally starting to realize that she is using him to make Adam jealous. Not that Adam has noticed. Still, I’ll bet Paul and Angel will be over by the end of the weekend.


Brian Nelson did show up an hour to midnight. Marian was with him at first, but after some arguing she left early. I am surprised, but it would seem that in just a week after Christmas, there seems to be problems brewing between them.


Shocking but ten minutes to midnight, Evanglina heads out the door for home with Derek’s arm around her. I’ll bet she wants to get home before her mother and Jake start something. That was not something Claire wanted to see. After they left, she started downing drinks from the bar like crazy. Even the bartender had to cut her off.


She then jumped onto the bar counter and started dancing to the blaring music. It was a hilarious sight, but by that time people were too busy with each other to notice. I did happen to see David get her down later though. He was furious with her behavior and hauled her out the door for home. Guess he won’t be able to kiss Erica when the clock hits midnight.


Not that I think he cared. I heard from a source that things seem to be going south for them as well. He apparently has caught onto some of her shady dealings and he is not happy about it. But that didn’t seem to bother her. Before the clock hit midnight, she acquainted herself with…Brian Nelson! I couldn’t believe it. She gave him a drink and the two of them started talking up a storm. It wasn’t long before I spotted them sharing a dance in a far off corner.


As the clock struck midnight, they shared a passionate kiss, smiling at her other after. I could not believe my eyes. Brian Nelson, husband of Marian, and father of Paul and Emilie, was kissing another woman and of all women, Erica Maxwell! Lucky for him, no one else seemed to have noticed them, but they were probably too drunk to tell. Moving closer to them, I heard Erica whisper,

“Room 204 is already booked and ready to go,” and then with a giddy smile, Erica took his hand and led him out of the ballroom. I could not believe my eyes. I guess Henrietta and Erica have a lot in common. They can’t seem to stick to their own husbands. This blogger is horrified and disgusted, but as always, I will keep you posted.

I left after seeming that horrid sight and headed home. On my way, I spotted someone I didn’t expect to see, making their way up to the Henderson’s front door. Adam?


Adam knocked a few times and a minute later Maria emerged. She looked very guilty and totally not sick. She immediately launched into 1000 apologizes, but he stopped her. He told her that he understood her feeling uncomfortable and that he should have never pressured her to come to the gala in the first place. They then shared a hug and she invited him inside. Well at least something ended well that night. Happy New Year’s everyone! More next year!





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