Post 25: Prom Night

Hey Queendalers! Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged, but this blogger has been doing all she can to get you the scoop, being as secretive as I can. Word around, is that this blog is starting to get some views from some people higher up. I may have to tread carefully with my next few posts…Still, I do have so news to share with my sweet followers!


So, Prom Night has come and gone! It kind of snuck up on us. Probably because most of the teens I follow are still just juniors. Next year will probably be way more exciting. Still, I hear the Prom was excellent this year, the theme being “Under The Sea.”  How original.

I caught Angel and Claire together earlier that day, standing outside of the school. They seemed up to no good, so I decided to pass by and listen in.


From the sounds of things, they were going to pull some kind of prank that night. As if what Claire had tried during homecoming hadn’t taught her anything. Tisk, tisk.


I’m just so sick of her,” I hear Angel saying to Claire. “She has Derek wrapped around her finger.”

“Not to mention that they don’t even fit together,” Claire says back. “She’s not one of us. I don’t understand know why he’s been wasting his time with her.”

Angel scoffs. “I could say the same about Maria. Your brother has lost his mind.”


I completely agree.” Claire rolls her eyes. “He won’t listen to reason, no matter what I say. It’s like he’s hypnotized by her.” She and Angel both scoff.

“We have got to do something about it.”

Angel smiles. “Well if our plan goes right, maybe we will both get what t we want.”


With a little smile, they pull each other in for a hug. The sad thing is, I think they actually might think they are doing the right thing. They really are messed up, not that they would ever admit it. Any shrinks out there accepting clients? Because I think, there are two new ones ripe for the picking.


Sadly, for them, they didn’t last in the Prom for very long. Claire was apparently banned from the dance, thanks to someone leaking the fact that she was one who sent out that video of Maria. I’m sure she wants to rip someone’s head off. As for Angel, she was attempting to drop raw egg filled balloons onto Evanglina and Maria as they entered, but she was stopped by two chaperones. Needless to say, she was thrown out of the prom before she got a chance. She looked outraged as she stormed out. I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of this.

Screenshot-2965 (2)

On a cheerful note, everyone was dressed up very nice for prom. Derek looked amazing in his black and white tux. Very handsome!


Evanglina and Kara looked great too! Evanglina was in a beautiful white dress with purple edges, and Kara was in a lovely turquoise-blue dress. They looked wonderful heading into the gym together.


They didn’t stay in for very long though. After an hour of hanging in the gym, I saw Evanglina, Kara, Derek, and Adam, heading out.

They met up at the beach and started a bon fire. I have to admit, it looked like a lot of fun! Definitely beats being in a stuffy gym. Fresh night air, stars, and a crackling fire. It’s like a dream, and a very nice end to a crazy prom night.


Unfortunately, not everyone was having a great night. At the Henderson’s house, Paul, who has been silent for the past month, finally spoke to Emilie. From the serious look on his face, I’ll bet I can guess what he is going to tell her


He takes a slow deep breath, and then begins to talk, starting with their father Brian’s weird behavior, leading to him following him to the Maxwell’s house. Emilie just stands staring at him in silence as he talks. It’s as if she is not believing a word he is saying. When he finally stops, she is still just standing there. I can’t imagine what is going through her mind. No one wants to find out that their parent is cheating, especially with someone like Erica Maxwell.


It’s quiet, but I can see Emilie mouth, “I can’t believe any of this. What are we going to do?”

Paul shrugs. “There is nothing we can do. What’s done is done. I just wanted you to know.” He then turns and leaves Emilie standing in the kitchen. Emilie is just speechless, but I do spot a tear in her eye. I can’t help but feel sorry for them. Especially for Marian, who knew nothing about any of this. Which begs the question, how long is it going to be before Marian finds out? And who was going to be the one to tell her? Will Brian confess? Or will Paul tell her out of good faith? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see! More soon!





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