Year 2: Post 11: Spring Fever

Hey Queendalers! Last week’s code was another easy one: an egg! I’m sorry, still in the spring spirit! I will try and do a trickier one next week. I am impressed with the news coming in. One of you just might make it into this post! Well onto the news!


So if you didn’t already know, the Spring festival has begun! It will be going on from now until the first week of April. People have been flocking to it, thrilled to be having some excitement in a while. That is, unless you went to the magic show last week.

Well of all people, I spotted Angel and Claire hanging out at the festival dancing area. They seemed in a bit of a heated discussion, so I zoned in to hear.


“That is totally pathetic,” Claire was saying. “So what are you going to do?”

Angel shrugs. “I don’t know yet. But the possibilities are endless.” She and Claire both laughed.

Now what was it that they were talking about? I had no idea, and unfortunately, they didn’t divulge any more details about it. Just my luck.


Looking over, I noticed Charlotte had just entered the dance floor and started to groove to the beat.


It didn’t take long for Claire and Angel to look peeved, although Claire looked way more annoyed than Angel.


And you won’t guess who wandered onto the floor right after. That’s right! Adam! He had been standing on the sidelines watching Charlotte dance, and I guess decided to make a move. He joined up with her and soon the two of them where grooving together. Very close I might add…


And I wasn’t the only one who noticed. Angel and Claire’s faces were glued to where Adam and Charlotte were dancing and Angel looked furious.


And may I just say that Charlotte was definitely getting her flirt on? I mean seriously, that girl knows her stuff! Worst of all, Adam was falling into all of it! Dancing super close to her and falling for every move she put on him. What was that all about?


“Can you believe Charlotte throwing herself at Adam like that?” Angel finally said after a few minutes.

Claire shrugged. “Hey, better him than Derek. I was getting so sick of it. Her trailing after him like a love-sick puppy. Did you know that she even tried to crash one of his dates?”


Angel smirks. “Oh that. I told her too.”

Claire frowns. “What? Why?”

“Because I knew she liked Derek. I figured that I could use it to my advantage to sabotage his date with that loser, Evanglina. It almost worked too, but that damn girl has a hold over him.”


Claire didn’t look amused. In fact, she looked angry. “But Angel, I like Derek.”

“I know.”

“Well, then why were you trying to hook him up with Charlotte?”

“Because I was trying to break up him and Evanglina. I would have loved to use you hun, but let’s be honest. Derek has known you for years and shown no interest, and Charlotte is the new girl. I figured that I could use that to reel him in.” When Claire didn’t respond, Angel sighed. “Look, I wasn’t trying to hurt you or anything. It was just business. Besides, it didn’t work. Derek is still totally into Evanglina. No harm done.”


Unfortunately, from the look on Claire’s face, I don’t think she shared the same feelings as Angel. She looked pissed that Angel would even try to set Derek up with someone else other than her. Although it’s funny, because Angel is right. Derek has known Claire for years. If he really wanted her, he would have chosen her by now. You’d think she would take a hint.


Meanwhile, Adam and Charlotte were still getting their flirt on. Adam was still watching her as she did some sensual dance moves toward him. I was a bit surprised since they were in public, but honestly at this point, nothing Charlotte does surprises me.


While Angel seemed to be trying hard to ignore them, Claire seemed really into what was going on. She was watching Adam and Charlotte with a funny look on her face; the look that shows that something devious was cooking in her head. What was that manipulative girl planning?


Before parting, I did hear Charlotte ask Adam if she was invited to the party Claire was throwing in a week. Which I think is a dumb question considering she and Claude both lived with them. But Adam still smiled and stated he would be disappointed if she didn’t attend. Maybe he had forgotten she was a houseguest too. I wonder if he would have been quite as flirty and charming if Maria had been standing there watching. Ugh! Just wait until she hears of this!


Moving on, I thought I would add this in before getting to my final news, one of our fellow readers, spotted Paul, Kara and Derek working out at the Queendale gym.  All three of them are enrolled in track for this Spring (I’m guessing Kara may be doing so just to get close to Paul…? Just saying!). Paul was supposedly quite the harsh trainer working them to the bone!


Apparently, he was so enthusiastic that one of the gym staff members had to tell him to turn it down a notch for he was disturbing other gym members. Too funny!


At one point, he had turned Derek’s speed so high that he slipped and went tumbling to the floor. Unfortunately for them, the staff member thought that they were horsing around and kicked them out for the rest of the day! Talk about harsh! Next time keep yourself in check, Sergeant Paul!


Lastly, it looks like Evanglina made a discovery of her own on Sunday afternoon. Home alone, Evanglina took a little stroll through her backyard. As she neared the backyard bar, she froze and then dropped onto her knees.


She then started fiddling with something under the bar. Suddenly, there was a snap and a part of the panel under the bar came off.

“Oh my gosh!” Evanglina gasped.

Now, I couldn’t see what she was looking at, but even I knew it wasn’t anything good.

“I knew he was up to something,” she said, shaking her head.

Wasn’t he always?


Too bad she wasn’t home alone. Suddenly, Jake appeared around the corner making a beeline for her.

“Hey! What are you doing? Get out of there now!” He yelled to her.


Evanglina stood up and glared at him.

“Doesn’t matter, Jake. I saw it.”

“S-saw what?”

“You know what. Your secret drug stash. All of it.”


“Y-you d-didn’t see anything. I don’t know w-what you’re talking about.”

It is pretty clear by his slurred speech that Jake is drunk…again.

Evanglina rolls her eyes. “Please, I’m not stupid! I saw all of it. I knew you were still up to your neck in that shady business stuff. Just wait until my mom gets home. I’m telling her everything!”


That seems to wake him up. Without warning, Jake lifts up his hand and slaps Evanglina hard across the face!

“You will not!”  He growls at her. “You will keep your big mouth shut if you know what’s good for you! You will not tell your mother a thing and if you even try, there is more where that came from!”

I am stunned. Did Jake really just slap Evanglina? Where is child services when you need them?


After that, he turns and walks back inside the house, leaving Evanglina alone in the backyard. She just stands there looking stunned and I can’t blame her. That girl has gone through way too much. I’ll bet she is wishing for her fairy godmother right now.

Well that is it for this week. But don’t fret! Claire’s party is next weekend, along with Sarah and Ricky’s wedding. So I’m betting that there will quite some news to dish out! More soon!



(Code Clue: a bond that is worn upon the hand, as we pledge our love before the holy spirit and man)



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