Post 12: Winter Days

Ah, finally December is here. Time for snow, Christmas lights, spiced eggnog, caroling, Christmas trees and more. And it wouldn’t be winter without the Queendale Annual Winter Festival!


There is much to do! I have to say my favorite thing, is to get some delicious spiced nog and doughnuts from the confessions stand. They also have amazing apple and pumpkin pie. Nothing can come close! Not to mention their peppermint mochas! Amazing! They can give Starbucks a run for their money!


Nearby, is a face-painting booth, were you can get your face to look like anything from a clown to a tiger. I mostly see kids at this booth, but I have seen occasional adults wonder over to be painted. Why not be silly for the day? It’s the holidays!


There is also the family photo booth, where you can take photographs with the family. Sometimes the best-looking photos are placed along the walls of the booth, with permission from the families of course.


Then there is one of the main events, the ice skating ring. This is a family favorite. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amazing skater or one that falls on your face constantly. You will have a total blast, trust me. I have been to the rink every year and have never failed to enjoy it.


Hey, but let’s not leave out the frozen lake nearby. When it gets cold enough, the park lake freezes over and you can skate upon it. It’s fun too, but I think it is more for pros. There are a lot of weak spots on the ice and I feel only an experienced skater would be able to find them. All in all, it’s a great experience for everyone!


That includes the Richmonds. I happened to see them enjoying the festivities. Especially, the snowboarding rink. Did I forget to mention the festival has that too? It’s pretty amazing! I spotted Derek Richmond getting some amazing air. He is incredible! You can tell he’s been doing it for years! And I wasn’t the only one. Many other festivalgoers stopped to cheer him on. Go Derek!


He wasn’t the only one. I hate to admit it, but Angel is just as good as him. She did some awesome tricks as she snowboarded on the rink. Like brother, like sister.


Well, that is until she fell on her butt. That was pretty funny. She practically took a nosedive into the snow. She looked relieved that no one saw her, but unfortunately, she has no idea that this blogger got a nice pic of it. Thank you Angel.


I almost cracked up when I saw Derek and Mr. Richmond on the ice skating rink. Damien had been falling so much that Derek skated over to help him. It was a pretty funny sight to see the two of them skating together. They did look like they were having a good time though. It was all in good fun. At least the rink was mostly empty at the time.


The Richmonds weren’t the only ones checking the fair out. The two Henderson sisters Maria and Josephina were out for some fun as well. They had a nice game of snowball fighting that started with the two of them and escalated to a full-blown park fight. This is going to be one for the scrapbooks!


Side note, Paul Nelson was seen getting a nice workout at the Queendale Gym. I have to say, his physique is very easy on the eyes. I could watch that boy jog all day. But that is not the reason why I felt the need to comment. What I found interesting was who he ran into after.


Abigail Best. I wouldn’t have said anything, but they seemed to be very comfortable with each other. Could Paul already be moving on from Angel? More about this soon!


Still am keeping an eye on the abandoned warehouse. So far, I haven’t seen anything else suspicious, except for Jake appearing there in the afternoons and Erica Maxwell in the evenings. They have yet to cross paths. I know there is a story here. It is only a matter of time before I find it.

Now, before I go, I just wanted to say something. I have been getting an unusual amount of people asking me who I am and even making guesses. I am sure by this point, you have realized that Lexie Wright is not my real name, and if you haven’t, well, you will now. As you probably expected, I will not be revealing my identity. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to blog anymore. And where’s the fun in that?





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