Year 2: Post 3: Night With The Marsens

Hey my Queendalers! Welcome back and congrats again for figuring out last week’s code: picture. They have been fairly easy as of late, but I may up the difficulty of the clues as time goes on. So now onto the news!


So, this week I focused a bit more on the Marsens, and I have some great news that I will get to in a bit. First of all, Paul and Kara have kept up with their nightly basketball games, and I have to say, Paul is pretty amazing. He has made it onto the varsity team for Winter session, which is no surprise at all. I caught him and Kara having a dunking contest, which he of course won.


Not that I think Kara really minded. As he cheered for his own victory, I caught her laughing and giving him a funny little smile. A smile, that dare I say it, looked a bit…romantic. Could Kara be developing some feelings for our all-star?


I honestly didn’t know for sure, but the look Kara had on her face when Paul hugged her goodbye, was a bit of a giveaway. And who knows? Maybe with Abigail gone, she might stand a chance. Then again, being a part of Angel, Claire, Adam and Derek’s circle, who knows. But it will all depend on Paul. Although we can assume how Kara feels, it is unclear how he feels about her. I’ll have to keep you posted!


Later that evening, who should show up on Kara’s door, but Evanglina! I haven’t really been seeing her come to visit lately, most likely because of Henria and her ill feelings toward Sarah. But yet, here she was.


After a few knocks, the door opened and Kara comes out. She pulls Evanglina into a hug and smiles.

“Hey, long time no see,” she says. “How are things going?”


“Not so good,” Evanglina says back. “Henria and Jake are driving me nuts.”

Kara pulls away and gives Evanglina a look. “Henria? So you are still on a first name bias?”

Evanglina frowns. “Hey, she hasn’t really been acting like a mother to me, so why should I call her that?”

Kara sighs. “I suppose.”

Evanglina then smiles. “So how are things with you? Did your game with Paul go well?”


Kara grins. “Yes! He totally whipped my butt today!” she then laughs. “He is officially the best ball player on the team.”

“And after, did you…tell him?”

Kara looks away. “No…”


“What? It’s not that simple! We’re not like you and Derek! You two basically had a thing going on from the start! Paul and I were just friends, and he was dating Angel and then Abigail.”


“But he isn’t anymore,” Evanglina says with a smile. “He and Angel are long done, the same with Abigail. Besides, she is all the way in London. No one is stopping you but you.”

Kara sighs. “I don’t know. I-I just don’t think I am ready to tell him. I mean, what if he doesn’t feel the same way? It will totally ruin our friendship! Not to mention if Angel or Claire found out about it.” She shakes her head. “I would never be able to live it down. I think it’s best for me to just not say anything. At least until I know for sure he might like me.”

Evanglina shrugs. “Okay Kara, but for the record, I think you should tell him. I honestly think he might feel the same way.”

“Keyword being “might,” meaning you don’t know for sure. Now, can we drop it? I’m sure my mom is wondering what we are doing out here instead of coming inside. It’s freezing!”

And with that, she and Evanglina go inside. I can’t help but smile. So it has been confirmed. Kara most definitely has feelings for Paul. Now to find out if he feels the same way. Which might be a bit of a challenge since his mind is probably preoccupied at the moment thinking about his parents trying to work things out and practicing so he can get a sports scholarship. Kara might be in for a wait.


Their evening seemed to go well after that. The four of them had a dinner of what looked like lasagna and talked the evening away.


Things seemed to change when Sarah said that she and Ricky had an announcement (the one I was waiting to tell you about), that she and Ricky had picked a wedding date. It would be in March, over spring break. They had already sent out invitations, but figured that Henria wouldn’t care, so omitted her. Sarah looked so excited as she said this, practically glowing. She then asked if Evanglina could find a way to make it, for she would love for her to be one of her bridesmaids. She had wanted to ask Henria, but she knew under the circumstances, it would be impossible and insensitive.


Evanglina replied that she would love to be one of her bridesmaids and Sarah looked overjoyed. She then launched into a conversation about wedding details, including the location (The Marmalade Inn), color theme, etc. All the while, Evanglina sat in silence staring at her food and smiling and nodding anytime Sarah directed something she said at her. Clearly something was bothering her all of a sudden.


After dinner, she and Kara dove into a game of dominos, Evanglina really focusing into the game. Kara was going on about how exciting the wedding was going to be and that she was really looking forward to it, but Evanglina seemed too into the game to notice. Or could it be that she was just trying to detour the conversation to something else? Perhaps she herself was not too thrilled about the upcoming nuptial?


I get my answer a few minutes later when I notice Ricky and Sarah watching TV together on the couch. I can’t hear what she says very well, but I do see Ricky laugh and then plant a kiss upon her lips.


Noticing them, Kara scoffs and calls over,

“Ew, gross!” and then grins.


Sarah looks up and gives her a look.

“Very mature dear,” she says, and Kara bursts out laughing. Ricky grins too, and soon they are all laughing and smiling.


Evanglina on the other hand, doesn’t look so happy. She glances up and looks at them sadly and then checks her watch.

“Well, it is getting late, so I should head home. I don’t want Hen-I mean, my mom to get upset.” She then rises from her chair.

Kara looks disappointed. “You sure you can’t stay longer? Who knows when your mom is going to let you come over again.”

“I know, but I shouldn’t push my luck. I’ll see you all soon.”


Evanglina then makes her way over to door.

“Tell your mother I said ‘“hi,’” Sarah calls after her, and Evanglina nods and then hurries out the door.


And when she nears the sidewalk, I can see the solemn look on her face. She takes a long deep breath and then stares ahead of herself quietly for a minute, before mounting her bike to head for home. Something tells me seeing Kara, Sarah and Ricky together as a, well, as a family, has gotten to her. I’m sure she wishes she could be living with them instead of at home with her mother and crazy Jake.


And I get confirmation of that when she arrives home. From inside the house, I can already hear screaming coming from within. Jake and Henria must be having another one of their fights. Evanglina takes another deep breath, and then heads inside. That poor girl has been through way too much for a high schooler. How she is dealing with it is beyond me.

Well that is it for this week. Next week I intend to share more info about our two foreign exchange students. Science class has assigned partners for a class project and you won’t believe who Charlotte and Claude got paired up with! More soon!



(Code Clue (a tricky one): Light emits from its mini head, so I can read at night while upon my bed)




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