Post 14: Winter News Update

All right my readers! With New Year’s right around the corner, I want to get in some more news before the New Year.


First thing, which was too much to ignore, I spotted Sarah Marsen out in town with a very handsome looking gentleman. But that is not what made me curious. What was interesting, was the fact that they met up in a secluded area. What’s up with that?

Screenshot-247 (2)

I thought maybe there was something shady going on, but then after some flirting, they pulled each other into a lip lock! So who is this mysterious man and why does Sarah find the need to hide him? You can bet that this blogger will be getting down to the bottom of it.


Speaking of the Marsens, Henria has gotten a new bartending job at Mick’s Karaoke bar downtown. I’m sure she is thrilled, for it is a huge step up from Eugi’s pub. Also, bigger tips and more people. Well, so I’ve heard.


I will say that she did seem quite in her element there. Maybe this is the place for her. The people there seemed satisfied with their drinks and she seem so as well. Well as much as one can, when people are belting out tunes in the worst voices you have ever heard in your life.


It all went south when once again, Jake Rivers walked through the doors. He looked outraged and from his expression, even this blogger wasn’t surprised when the yelling started. That seems to be a thing with him.


He got so rowdy that Henria left her post to go and calm him down. They argued for over ten minutes, Jake furious about her changing bars without telling him first. It was the most ridiculous argument, but there he was going on and on and Henria fighting back.


And then like always, five minutes later, they were in each other’s arms making out like crazy and Jake apologizing over and over. It is the craziest thing I have ever seen. Their relationship is toxic and I know everyone else at the bar was thinking it as they watched them. I feel for Evanglina having to deal with that every day. Well, maybe he hasn’t gotten to her. Then again, you never know.


So, about the whole Jake and the drug thing, well I have got some news. I tracked Jake back over to the shed, which he entered through a different door than usual. He was in there for about three hours before leaving. But that is not what caught my attention. It is who came out after.


Erica Maxwell left soon after, in the strangest get up. It is the first time I have seen her here in the night. She looked around to see if anyone was watching and then headed over to where Jake stood. It took a while, but I was able to find a place close enough to hear them.


Their conversation started out with formalities, and then became more serious. It seemed that something big was going down in the next few weeks.


“I got word from the boss,” I heard Erica saying to Jake. “The shipment will be coming in a week from next Friday at the docks. 6 pm to be exact.”

Jake nods. “”No worries, Mrs. Maxwell. Everything will go down without a hitch.”

“Good. If all goes well, there will be a considerable bonus in it for you.”


They both then shared a smile. Although they did not admit what the “shipment” was of, I had a pretty good idea. From a source at Queendale high, I heard that the police department is trying to stop a drug ring that has been dealing for months. So far, they had nothing, and it would seem that every time they got close to something, the evidence would just disappear. Well, if Erica Maxwell of all people is involved, I guess it is no surprise.


Lastly, it would seem that New Years Eve is going out with a bang. The Maxwells are going to be throwing their annual New Year’s Eve gala this Friday. Believe me, getting tickets to it is not easy. You have to be personally invited. Still, you can bet this blogger will be finding a way into there one way or another. More soon!





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