Year 2: Post 4: Partnering

Hey Queendalers! So last week’s pass-code was a little trickier that I thought (book light), so it looks like not all of you got to read this post. So now I have made it available without a pass-code and I will try to keep the codes not too complicated. Because of this, I will compile some of this week’s news with last week’s. Here we go!


As I said a week ago, science projects have been assigned and everyone in class has been paired into pairs. Want to know who got Charlotte and Claude? Well, Emily Nelson was assigned to Claude and Charlotte was assigned to Derek Richmond! As you can imagine, Claire was not pleased with this. But seeing as how Charlotte is her housemate for the time being, she said nothing. Which is very surprising. But you can see from her face that she is worried. Who wouldn’t be. Charlotte is gorgeous and seems to attract the attention of all the guys in school. Any girl would be worried if her boyfriend was working with her. Who knows how Evanglina is feeling.


As for Emily, there are a lot of girls very jealous of her chance to work with Claude. I swear if they could, they would have asked her to switch. And Claude didn’t seem to mind the partnership either. He smiled at her politely and then later after school, asked her if she would like to head to the library to start their research. Emily seemed surprised, but nodded a shy yes and they headed off.


Now, here’s the weird thing. As they were standing outside talking, I caught Angel staring at them with a look I dare say looked like…jealousy? Could Angel really be jealous of Emily? Seems impossible, but there she was watching them with a look of disdain.


As Emily and Claude hurried down the street to the library, Angel just stood there glaring at them, a mischievous look in her eyes. She literally waited until they had entered into the library building before she finally left. Something tells me that Emily had better watch out. Angel only gives out that look if she has her evil radar set on you, and she most definitely has it set on Emily!


Speaking of Angel, her mother Henrietta, still has not told Damien about her affair with Luke Wilson or his demand for a paternity test. She has however, talked him into buying a new house! I know! Crazy! She apparently said that she felt that it was time for them to move somewhere different what with the kids leaving and that they could use a change of scenery. Damien seems to be on board. I caught them looking at few houses this week, one that he was very thrilled about in particular.


Too bad Henrietta wasn’t too crazy about it. She said that she was looking for something a little higher scale. She said the house he wanted reminded her too much of their current home. Although honestly, I think the house was just too small for her. Damien look very disappointed, but he nodded and they left. Oh, if only he knew…


They then stopped at the “higher” scale house that she had her eyes on. And let me tell you, standing at what looked like three or four stories, I guess it is pretty high scale. With a gate out in front and a few two-story decks, it looks almost like a movie star’s mansion.


Henrietta was ecstatic, exclaiming that it was perfect for them. But I can’t understand why she would want them to move into a house even bigger than the one they are living in now. With Derek and Angel going to college in the fall (well, we will see about Angel), wouldn’t you rather want to downsize?

Damien seems to be thinking the same thing, but Henrietta won’t hear it.

“It’s new and exciting,” she says. “I have always wanted to live in a house like this since I was a little girl.”


Damien frowns. “Henrietta, you said the same thing about the house we currently own.”

Henrietta smiles. “Yes, but this one is even more extraordinary. There is so much space in case the kids come to visit and bring their college boyfriends or girlfriends home, or in the future when they have families of their own and come to visit us. This could be a house for all of our family.”


Damien looks unsure. “I don’t know…”

Henrietta jabs him with a finger. “Aw, come on. I know you are a softy for family. Can’t you just imagine you and me living here and our grandkids running about the place? Birthdays and holidays will be wonderful here, don’t you think?”


Damien looks like he is going to protest, but then Henrietta plants a kiss on his lips and he seems to forget.

“Trust me,” she says, when they finally pull apart, “this is going to be a great move for us.”  And strange enough, Damien smiles and then agrees.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like something fishy is going on. Why does Henrietta suddenly want to buy a new house? They’ve lived in their current one for years! Something else is going on here and you can bet Lexie is going to figure it out!


In other news, Erica’s restaurant “The Maxwell,” has finally opened and this blogger was able to snap a few photos right before the opening! Here is a pic of the front entrance which looks just lovely. I’ll bet in a few hours there will be a line waiting in front of it.


As I was walking in, I spotted Erica walking around and checking the tables, so I had to go through the back way. I did manage to get a picture of the outside tables, all nicely lit with candles. It is very elegant and classy.


From outside, there is a nice view of the ocean. Quite beautiful indeed. Would make for a very romantic night.


Upstairs, there is a small little lounge for people to order cocktails and enjoy a small meal and some music. Erica has really thought of everything. I can just see this place becoming the most frequented place in town. Well, apart from the new Chinese restaurant that is opening up (will get to that next!).


I could not resist taking a quick look at the kitchen before heading out. Very exquisite. The kitchenware looked all shiny and freshly polished along with the entire room. Erica really did not miss a step. I have to say, I am impressed.


So impressed, that I nearly have an awkward run in with her as Erica suddenly comes walking into the kitchen. Lucky, I manage to hide behind the counter until she leaves and then make my way out.


But Erica’s restaurant isn’t the only one that is opening up in town. There is a new Asian restaurant opening up in just a few weeks called, Feng Shui, and I hear it is supposed to be great! (Also, it is more my price range.) With these two new places, I’m sure there will be a lot of business, expecially since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

Well, that’s it for this week, but fear not! There will be a lot more juice coming, what with the science project partnering and Valentine’s Day. I also having been keeping an eye out for Brian and Marian with their counseling, and lets just say, it isn’t going too great. More soon!




(Code Clue: It’s building is filled with knowledge and stories to share, so treat the contents nicely so they shall not tear)




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